Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flora Noir

Here's my niece E.L fashioning a Flora-one-of-a-Kind
felted, sequined and feathered fascinator.
To say black is my personal lot is an understatement.
I've tried colour and it didn't work.
I'm continuing the noir argument.
Someone from the Embrodierers' Guild gets me; thank you for an embroidered black hand towel,
for sale at the craft stall. Rare.

Coloured frocks.
Relegated to the back of the wardrobe, not worn with frequency.
None of that nonsense about colour-meaning and the psychology.
Just poo-poo'd.
I know I'm in good company.
This is Vogue Australia's idea of an eco-friendly bag.
Not that ghastly green colour, but noir.
Came as a free gift.
Vogue's been good to me.
Here's Flora's large tulle and satin rose, made for Oaks Day Race Day
 (Black and White's de rigeur)
Don't mind a bit of colour mixed with the black, white?
This is a Flora fleur entirely fashioned from feathers.
And black lace as a starting point.
This beaded bit of lace came in G's gifted-to-Flora box of fabrics.
Can't wait to Flora-fy it.
Might do this again.
Moulded and sculpted, well, Hello Kitty!
Thanks for asking,
the artificial turf's still the bomb.
The boys love it.
Won't hear a bad word said.
It's luxury on the paws and I highly recommend it.
A boost for creature comfort. And apparently the rage in Paris.
Here's the Frenchie doing a downward-dog.
You're mad if don't.
Don't panic, the eighty-seven year old poodle prostrate on the right is still alive,
just sleeping and can still look like this:
After two-and-a-half-hours of investment at the poodle parlour.
Poor lovely though, as blind-as-a-bat.
But this serves to keep him safely transfixed, out-of-trouble in the one place for
lengthy periods. Fixated and juxtaposed.
If you'r wondering about the Marc Jacobs spot (black).

I've only done half-the-job.
Skirt's cut out, but too much photographic frippery it seems, no stitching.
Haven't been strutting out and about like this, yet.
This leather fleur got to artist Tricia Smout.
For her lovely Flowers of Friendship collaboration.In the future for installation at the Richard Randall Studio,
Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens.
The workers got stuck into the RSPCA cupcake making today.
This sort of frippery gladdens my heart.
Well done workers, I say.
I am grateful to them.

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