Monday, 27 August 2012


 It was SportsSuperSaturday television veiwing evening in the House of Flora.
Consequently a  fair bit got done over the weekend.
Above is the Marc Jacobs spot in all its napped glory.
Finally finished the project; but not without its dramas.
You see, when I cut out the back and front, I somehow turned the naps around.
Naps not matching. Not good.
So consequently, had to cut a panel again.
Losing valuable length.
Luckily I've been going to this:
And in my mind's eye, I'm fabulous.
Here's the M J skirt, about three inches shorter than I expected.
 Fashioned a head wear frippery from the leftovers.
Waste not want not.
Here it is as below, on the poupee.
It's kind of pillbox with a feather zhu-zhu and the ubiquitous you-know-what.
A white camellia.
Made a little feathered cocktail number, too.
With a diamante trim.
Wondering if my e-friend Bea, will recognise this diamante zhu-zhu
Better set the date for the Camellia Society Hat Salon.
Stay creative and lovely.


  1. Beautiful!! So happy you found such a gorgeous use for it! Daaarling it's Diviiine! xxx