Friday, 10 August 2012

Nothing but Joy

The Palestinian embroidery is travelling very well, thank you.
It's a unique one-of-a-kind pattern, crafted by one of the workers from unravelled wools.
Make Do and Mend, alright.
It's going to evolve into a clutch purse pretty soon.
I have to say, I am not unhappy with it.
This and other bits of worker-based frippery really does give me nothing but joy.
To be honest, this blog's been the same.
This week I had an arrival, this time from the United Kingdom.
All the way.
A beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind necklace.
Cherry Quartz, Aquamarine and Crystals!
Boxed up, gift tagged and glittery.
By Barbara M. A. Lowe of Dangerous Liaisons Designs, gifted to Flora!
Have a look at Barbara's musings here.
Here's my lovely gift.
Thank you, Barbara!
That gorgeous bee card is from Paper Nosh.
Here's some more of Barbara's work.
I like them, there's a surprise with the creative way she arranges the jewels and beading.

Do you remember this re-purposed dog decorative flora garland
from Chanel's Paris to Bombay?
It decorated the gold-leaf persimmons and I boldly helped myself to it.
Well, it's been hoarded.
Its dessicated second life now garnishes the tea light chandeliers.
Waste not want not.
The camellias are absolutely rife around Brisbane at the moment.
My friend L sent me this shot, because she knows I am obsessed,
but don't have the right aspect for any home-grown hope.
No prospects there.
If you are harbouring a plant that you don't pay a dot of attention to,
like this one, make
sure you show gratitude.
Brisbane's camellias starred at Paris to Bombay!
What are you up to the weekend?
Anything exciting?

Nothing like that glamour as above.
Dinners requiring arranging vases of coloured water and floras, Andy Warhol's glasses or:
Karl's butter-soft Brisbane Chanel bag, the colour of the Pacific ocean won't be
inspiring the dress-code. Sadly.
I've got the yoke on, I'll be working on the Garden of Flora,
like a sure-footed beast.
Mr Fascinata has declared the artificial turf needs a better back drop.


  1. So glad you like the necklace...and thank you so much for the link, always a discount for Flora's friends, sending hugs from The Garden of England, Bea xxx

  2. Love the necklace, great seeing your comment, too. Will wear it to the chalkface again this week. Xx