Thursday, 16 August 2012

Frenchie Frippery

This post is about dogs and mentions ladies-of-the-night.
So whip away and fold the laundry if that's not your thing.
I realise I got you here usually only talking about lace, corsages and associated frippery.
Seriously, had the time of my life watching the French bulldogs judged at the Ekka.
Alas, didn't secure the Kewpie doll, was under-planned and on the way out and didn't find the stall.
So, please don't ask.

Wore this mass-produced Flora corsage, heinous I realise.
Tried to look rural in a navy jacket.
What sweet little pups the show Frenchies were.

Can't tell you much about who won what or what for; due to the
level of details required.
The dogs had about four or five hyphenated names to remember, too.
Le bouledougue francais originated from English lace makers taking their miniature bulldogs to work in France,
when the Industrial Revolution changed the working conditions is England.
They proved to be good companions and good ratters.
They became popular with ladies-of-the-night and quite a status symbol of French society.
Here's the sequined end of Flora's gown with ours in question.
Here's Picabia's Femmes au Bulldog, this painting all the way from the Pompidou Centre in Paris
visited us here at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland,
a part of the Surrealism exhibition a little while back.
Look at the little devil.

There was certainly a dress-code. Sartorial suited style.
Chapeaus were de rigeur.

Got to go back-stage too, and rub our hands on this puppy's silky coat.
Thank you, Frenchie owners.

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