Sunday, 28 October 2012

Colour and Movement

There's a fair bit of colour and movement coming up in the House of Flora.
We've got a cocktails and Tupperware party.
And Starr's Show entitled Paris Je t'aime!
November 9th at the Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane.
And, the Orchid Species Society Inc Show, @ Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mt Coot-tha, November 3 and 4.
And Tricia Smout's Artist in Residency Exhibitions.
Here's a bit more colour and movement.
Beaded and dyed lace for Spring version of Hello Kitty!
 Some hand-dyed feathers, beads and trims.
Had time to go go for a walk around the garden, early today.
And contemplate. There's movement, afoot.
And it's fair to say, Mr Fascinata has squarely knocked himself out the
last few months.
It's even fit for al fresco dining.
Who'd have thought?
Remember, people, don't get lawn envy.
I've told you, it's our favourite synthetic polymer.
Smart lawn. The bamboo's smart too, makes its own garden mulch.
You've been told.
Brisbane's grey today. 
Windy, too.
Here's Starr's invitation.
Remember the shot Mr Fascinata snapped in Paris.
Participating in a bit of Flora's ongoing frippery?
Starr's here.


  1. Thank you Kellie, honestly your musings kill me, so much I can relate to :).