Sunday, 21 October 2012

Macaron Making

I was supposed to go to a Macaron making workshop this weekend.
But had to cancel when I realised I had a shoot organised for the House of Flora.
And then the lovely modelling Flora's One-of-a-Kinds couldn't make it at the last minute,
due to unforeseen circumstances.
Thank goodness I could phone a friend S, and ask for her assistance.
Here's some new Floras that'll be heading out soon.
Lovely lace and brown organza,
This'd go well with my statement necklace.
Satin Alice band trimmed, pieced and dyed.
This ethereal band's made from the most expensive fabric Flora's ever bought. Remember?
This beaded and hand pieced feather pad's nice.
A brooche as well, if you like.
Love the turquoise and the brown tones.
 Don't for one minute think it's all froth and feathers around here.
There's stress, too.
Having huge issues getting these two back out on to the artificial turf.
Their rightful place.
They've settled in after winter, all right.
Can't get them back outside.
Couldn't be anything to do with this?
Creature comfort.
Thank you, S, for loaning me your poupee.


  1. These are absolutely exquisite! I love your work .... hope you are having a great weekend!
    best wishes

    1. Lovely MA thank you! Would have loved to have met you for a coffee and a breeze through Chanel when you were in Brisbane! Also, in the future would like to book a decor consultation for the House of Flora! Your work is divine. Xx