Thursday, 5 February 2015

Fierce, even a little Barbaric

 I have lots of lovely comments on the blog.
Can I just find a moment to thank you.
But, one of my favourite comments was from a lovely
young thing who just commented with, 'Fierce'.
I liked it. This is a little bit fierce, even a little barbaric.
Do not be afraid.
 I have been shaping and glitter coating found quills.
Ethically sourced from the road-way.

Lightly wired and arranged on a fabric covered band.
Gilded with glitter.

 Studded with some black beads.
 A lovely match for the Akira Isogawa.
 You either get Akira's aesthetic or you don't.
That's fine.
I am a number one fan.
This bias cut gown was half-price.
I went giddy.
 I popped the feather piece on my tonsure to see these fabulous things
Shonen Knife.
All girl band. A kind of Japanese style Ramones.
They were fierce, although they don't look it!
 Here's the venue at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Up Late for Gallery Viewing of Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion.
Have you been yet? Get cracking because it bumps out on Sunday 15th February.
 Sorry, the photos aren't much chop.
But here's R from Paris Rendezvous in her kimono.
I would be lying if I said I didn't love her style.

 What are you up to?
Have you taken any sartorial risks lately?


  1. I love is fierce....amazing as always my dear, love love this one :))) xx

  2. You went giddy! It took my breath away!! Fiercely elegant....oh what a night FF.

    Gorgeous pics and post FF....and merci beaucoup for the lovely compliment!

    Let's get ready for the next one!!!!!!

    Another gloriously barbaric headpiece coming up?



  3. God Flora. I'm not coffeeing with you again till I lose ten million kgs, and get my slender self some fabbo glad rags. You're just too glam for me honeychile! By the way can I borrow this idea for some headpieces for school musical costumes??? Hehehe. Love. As always. Mimi xxx