Thursday, 23 May 2013


I've had a few early starts this week, reclaiming the Sow's Ear.
A.k.a the school garden.
 As well as the usual Calico Capers and cooking practicals.

And spotting the odd Winter Flora around the ridges.

  Frankly, I'd be lying if I said the workers' vegetable garden wasn't in rack and ruin.

 Not a patch on what it used its former self.
Before (circa 2012):
 Apart from a good yield of passion fruit.
 After (circa 2013):
 The hottest chilli in the world survived the deforest.
And the soil conditioning comfrey, top right.
And a regular visitor, a Kookaburra.
 The Sow's Ear now has a teaching and learning platform.
Thanks to J, who does things with thought.
We've now got small mint runners laced throughout the pavers.
 A safe spot for the workers to visit, so they won't crush the herbs and cherry tomatoes!
And, we are ready to replant.
Thank you to you, J.
I'm currently waging an on-line war with our local council
over the razing of a vegetable and herb garden, 'illegally' and anonymously planted
on a corner of public park.
Completing cleared by a ride-on lawn mower.
Not harming anyone, not growing illicit weed.
But a few cherry tomatoes and herbs, companion plants to combat pests, too.
I don't get it, it's not like every man and his dog is
getting in on the act.
Some people can't see the forest for the trees.



  1. ADORE those flowers at the end my favourites :)) And I hope this is cleared up with the council as well, so bad. If people are trying to improve things, it should be allowed and encouraged, so wrong to do that!! I hope your week is going well doll xx

    1. Dolls, thank you for your comment re the 'illegal' garden, I so wish I had a photo of it. I've been watching it grow for two years and during times of drought here wondered how it thrived, until early one morning I saw an older very small lady hand watering it walking to and fro to a tap! Would have turned a 'blind eye' to it if I was in-charge of wait for it, as council inferred 'illegal gardens''. Love your frock and new glasses post! Looks like it's getting warmer. Enjoy your weekend. X

  2. I hope they allow you to do it. In New Orleans, they've turned a lot of "dead" areas into garden and park spaces. The community takes care of those areas. I love that pink flower :D

  3. Kim, I'd love to see some photos! Could you do a story? Total nonsense here with our council. Even in this age of their 'sustainability' rhetoric! Thank you for your comment.xx