Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 In alarming news, we've been invited to a wonderful social 'do
whereby 'Gold' is the dress-code.
Frankly, I am excited but it's been a long time between drinks with me and gold.
I like it in the décor.
 At Easter time.
On cakes.
 In Venice.
 A snippet on a shoe.
All the better if it's glitter.
But, Charlotte Olympia would have to pay me to carry this croissant clutch.
 Regardless, I have set to work.
A sequinned strip.
A little vial of extra fine German glass glitter.

 The beginnings of a bloom.

 I'll conjure this gold lurex knit up into something Japanese 80s fashion maverick
Issey Miyake would approve of.
I might have to go a bit further than the eco-dress' economy
of style and skill.

 In good news, that sequinned bag cost me $5 AUD at a suitcase rummage!
At Palmwoods at The Lane, just off Main Street.
1st Saturday of the month.
 And, if you can discern the chains against that shimmer, another $5 AUD for the necklace.

 I'm matching the décor.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. Flora, you will pull it all together doll AND you will look fabulous! I love gold. Conjure the midas touch :D

    1. Kim! I am hearing you!! The Midas touch...I love it!

  2. Holy Easter Egg wrappers and Christmas Baubles Batman! Only Flora could look fab in shimmery metallic. You'll slay 'em sweetness. Enjoy yourself and your gildedness...Lovin' the german glittered flora!

    1. Mimi, I am thinking of doing a gold face as well....might have to action the 80s archives...xx

  3. You will make it all work no doubt & look awesome!! Love the coat, well done on the find :))) The flower is awesome...love the shimmer of it!! I hope your week is going sweetly so far doll xx

    1. I love the flower, too. Mr Fascinata's only comment was ...'It's big....'xx

  4. That hat looks beautiful! And your outfit fits perfectly with the theme! I hope you have lots of fun at the party - your outfit is sure to get a lot of compliments :)

    Away From Blue

    1. You can probably tell...I do LOVE a good dress-up! Thank you, Mica. Xx

  5. This is going to be so fabulous. I love gold, such a stunning look.

  6. Huge fan of gold here but more in the creamy shades. Is that goldy bag (olympia) a baguette or a crab, would not fancy carrying a baked good. Your headdress (technical term?) is gorgeous!!! I would opt for that any day

    1. Thank you for visiting ALW! I've had to edit that detail re the clutch for greater meaning....of course it's Charlotte Olympia's doing....part of the Paris frippery she conjured up and it's a golden buttery croissant !! Imagine...