Thursday, 13 February 2014

Selfies are Out

I love a good selfie like the rest of us.
It's de rigour with this business.
But, after this week's efforts, I am declaring 'Selfies are out'.
Well, for the minute anyway.
Millinery is in.
And fascinating frippery is in.

Flora's been showcased, again.
I know.
More publicity, this time in the Brisbane News.
 Two glossy pages.
 Below is that lovely flocked spot tulle arrangement back in the day.
All stitched, pieced together.
About to be garnished with a beautiful pearl.
Ready to be engineered together.

It's light and lovely.

Here's yours truly; just in case you miss me already.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
Anything cheeky?
Whether loved up or alone.
Be kind to yourself.


  1. Congratulations on starring in the Brisbane News! You are very talented. Will be sure to get my hands on a copy x

  2. Thank you, HIH. It was a lovely surprise. Xx

  3. Happy Valentines Day my darling!! And a BIG congrats to you too...well done,t hat is so cool and much deserved!!! Those pieces are stunning, love the black hearts awesome!! I hope your Valentine's day was gorgeous & you have a wonderful weekend too! Thank you for the well wishes...will be resting this weekend to get better!! Xxx

  4. Congrats on another well-deserved feature! :)

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and had a great Valentine's Day :)

    1. I' m thinking I might have to gift you a little and pretty headpiece for your baby's Christening! :D xx we will out-do Princess Mary...;)

  5. Flora, that tulle headpiece is absolutely GORGEOUS! Congratulations on another feature. You are so deserving! You are so talented and make the prettiest of things. Love it.

  6. I would luff to dress up and wear a hat. It's not a common thing these days...

  7. Wow, love those bows so much! They are so dainty and girls but not in an overwhelming way. Perfect!

  8. I'm with cilosophy...what's wrong with a good dress up, I say. Lovely work as always dear Flora, and well done on another feature!