Thursday, 30 January 2014

Only the Fabulous need Apply

 It's been a lovely week and I am back at the chalkface.
I've had all sorts of conversations about the holidays and my new haircut.
Thank you for noticing.
I am also chuffed that the talented MW, has signed up for a dose of Flora!
Welcome MW!
Do you remember the bathroom/walk-in wardrobe renovation?
Well, this week I have been auditioning frocks for the new 'robe it has become.
Only the fabulous need apply.
Feathers, sequins and beading.
Call me harsh.
I have banished anything pilled, puckered and thread-bare.
Usually of black polyester.
Worn with alarming frequency during the daily grind.
 Items without fabulosity are denied entry.
I have become a fabulist.
Mr Fascinata can't see his way clear to my way of thinking.
But, frankly I don't want those items exhibited inside.
They can stay secreted away, elsewhere.
I'll be happy to root through a couple of baskets to find them.

I'm looking forward to being astounded by more unbridled creativity
and enthusiasm in 2014.
Typified by the teddy bear sushi you'll see in a second.
Executed under exam conditions in 2013.
By a Junior.
And these little make do and mend collars and cuff accessories, as below.
I know. I am as impressed as you are.
 I can't wait to see wait they come up with next.
 In less important news, it's probably a good thing I am now gainfully employed again.
 I've put a stop to painting feathers like Karl did for his latest Chanel collection paraded in Dallas.

These pigeon feathers are getting the treatment
next holidays.
But for now, the studio's closed.

Restaurant in your own Home is still going swimmingly.
In further belt tightening I hacked off three or four leaves
and popped them in a vase of water, to save on flower costs.
I highly recommend this strategy,
and who knows the greens might even strike roots and then you have a house plant.
Mind you, I have to confess, A came over for lunch and brought me a bunch of flowers!
Wishful thinking worked.
I've given the chalkface workers a familiarisation tour of the classroom kitchen with Apple Pie.
First practical of the term.
The results speak for themselves.

Stay delicious.
If not, fabulous.


  1. but do you sequin up at the chalkface?
    how do you do everyday fab?

    1. No way, Cilla. It's permutations of black on black and flat shoes. A wardrobe that lets me 'Stop, Drop and Roll' if I need to. I work with children and young adults. I work with some lovelies who do wear heels and skirts and the odd sequin but frankly I don't know how they do it. I try to do 'everyday fab' in attitude!!!!! Lol. Xx

  2. So jealous of your walk in wardrobe, it looks fantastic! :)

    And that teddy bear sushi is too cute! You're very talented :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Isn't the teddy bear sushi over the top!!! Made by a 14y/o free choice exam conditions! No help. :D

  3. That closet is ever so amazing, I'd love something like that & I understand your thinking in having the very best on display and the others put away, that's what I do as well ;-) This was so full of amazing things, I loved it doll :))) I hope you have a marvellous weekend xx

    1. Yes, the closet is a bit of smoke and mirrors, there's still old, scuffed and worn somewhere. Nearly Spring yet, Dear Dolls??? Xxx

  4. I see a lot of beautiful things, to wear, to eat, on this post! Great!

    1. Arno, the photography on your blog is what's beautiful. I tried to join you, but don't think I succeeded. Will try again. X

  5. you closet turned out amazing!!! look at those dresses and christian louboutins. love those little pies! so tasty!

    1. The workers dazzled with those pies. :D

  6. My dear Flora...The Diva Child would adore someone at the Chalkface in feathery frivolity and smashing sequins. But then she is her own self, and would wear fluff and nonsense on school uniform if rules permitted. Alas she must content herself with beribboned high ponytail and perfect posture as dictated by years of Ballerina-ness, and simply be fabulous in the are you...mwah!

    1. Mimi, Sweets, that comment below is for you! Blog illiterate here.

  7. Diva sounds like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I laughed out loud imagining myself mooching around in adornments at work...mind you have had a couple of Deputies who came close. Laughed when I read your comment. x:O!

  8. WOW ….. what a transformation and, lucky you !!
    …. and, you are SO creative in so many different ways.
    ….. and !! many, many thanks for birthday wishes.
    Have a great weekend. XXXX

  9. Your wardrobe is phenomenal. Looks even better with the clothes (that made the cut) in it!