Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bien dans sa peau*. Leopard.

 I am not young. I have just finished reading:
 Well, apparently they do. They are in-between Britain and America's statistics.
Anyway, I didn't miss the point.
It's an arsenal of anti-ageing tips.
Frankly, Mireille is a little strict.
I furtively checked the index and she leaves leopard print alone, but a few other things get a pizzling.
She sits on the fence with Botox.
She declares hair and shoes the key to your identity.
And attitude about ageing.
 She doesn't take a hard line on tattoos.
I guess she knows these days only the rebels don't have one.
I wonder what she would think about these platforms...?
Anti-ageing frippery aside, I am also currently obsessed with these animals,
Bengal cats.
I've looked a website just north of here, that strictly advises viewers
not to purchase a Bengal cat, 'If they just want a designer looking accessory'.
Where's the fun?
During the process of making my latest Flora-one-of-a-Kind,
I spotted such a feline languishing on a footpath in our neighbourhood.
I didn't have my camera, but I swear this image above is its doppelganger.
Mr Fascinata conceded it was a 'sign'.
Leopard print is truly acceptable.
An all round favourite.


 Here's the fashioning of the huge leopard fleur.

French Women Don't get Facelifts is about reassessing high heels.
As Mireille suggests I do.
So your toppling about doesn't draw attention?
You are not meant to dye your hair too bright, either.
 Mireille is also strict about bright nail polish...because
you don't want to draw attention to aged bits and pieces.
I won't be giving up purple, green or black satin any time soon.
How's your post-Christmas expenditure going?
We are focusing on Restaurants in Our Own Home.
Evidenced by this lavishness.
For next to nothing.
If you've got an Indian Supermarket near you, it's worth a visit.
Here's Mr Fascinata's mis en place.
Which frankly, gladdens my heart.
 Those chops were lightly battered in fragrant mix of cardamom and other spices.
You just have to poach the chops first.
The recipe's from Rick Stein's India series.
Get on board his odyssey.

 We live with a couple of French canine breeds.
If you are interested in getting the French bulldog variety, be warned it can be an intensive and possessive relationship.
The breed is an expert in supervising.
 And, totally food obsessed.
Like, how our French counterparts say we should be.
Only, you don't really eat.
Can't say I'll be trying the Leek Detox in Mireille's book.
Has anyone?
Stay comfortable in your own (leopard) skin*.
I'm doing lots of walking, looking for my inner coquette, and looking forward to returning
to the chalkface.
And I've got my next meal in the oven.
Life's good.
 No Leek Detox here.


  1. I read 'French women don't get fat' and I get that, but I won't hear a word against leopard print! What's so wrong with a facelift anyway? I've never had much success with cooking Indian. The spices intimidate me, and the meals always seem to turn out better at a restaurant. One day perhaps. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Love the leopard print on your French bulldog x

    1. Thank you for your compliments, dear Housewife. And, I agree there's nothing wrong with a facelift! If I'm still at the chalkface in my 60s I jolly well might have had my neck nipped and tucked. Indian at home is easy, minimal oils, dry fry spices, caramelise meats and simmer. Mightn't be good for the tots, though. I just noticed the dog's leopard printed ears, you are right! Xx

  2. I have made 2 comments now and think they both got eaten
    I have read "french women don't get fat", it is a good book. I want to read "20 lessons from Madame Chic".
    I love indian food, but the stuff in the restaurants is so full of cream, nuts and ghee.
    I have been doing a bit of indian cooking in my new thermie.

    And you know what my opinion is on French bulldogs. x

    1. Wow, good on you doing Indian style foods in the thermie. You are right re the ghee, coconut cream etc. one advantage of home aproach is that you really can still get incredible flavours and cut out some high fat content. I might see if I can get 'Lessons from Madame Chic'. Facelift book is not your demographic. Xxx

  3. Well, I will wear leopard print when I am in my 90's!! Haha!! I love it and I don't care what the book says & I love bright nail polish too, so I will break that rule as well. Your dog is ever so precious!! Yummy food :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll Xxx

  4. you look great! forget a book! hahahaha i say we should follow our own rules in life. do what makes us happy. don't live for anyone else. i love leopard and bright nail polish ;)

  5. Love the leopard print, and great photos! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  6. Hello Flora,
    my name is Arno and I am your new follower!
    I found a lot of nice things on your blog and so I decided to stay!
    I hope you are going to come and visit my blog too!
    If you like to, you find me over here:
    I would really appreciate your visit!
    Thank you and till soon

    1. Thank you, Arno. I'll be popping over to see you very soon. :D x

  7. Rules were meant to be broken! Leopard any age, its just a number! That food looks delish! I too always try to enjoy a resturant meal in my own home! haha. After all living good, eating rich and dressing fab is the way to be! Love your blog. Maybe check me out? I'd love to keep in touch with you.


    1. I love your ATTITUDE! I'm about to drop in for a visit! :)

  8. I think leopard print always looks good! No matter what age of the person wearing it! :)

    the food looks really yummy too, makes me hungry, haha!

    Away From Blue

  9. I haven't read this one, only the first two, but those were quite good, so I'd need to have a look before commenting (though I'd agree with her about shoes and tattoos, and botox, to be honest) :)
    Love those cats, too, btw. Just stunning.

  10. I am truly obsessed by these Bengal house cats! I've turned my back on poodles...almost. Thank you for commenting. X

  11. I always have to read your posts twice before I can understand something of it haha (reminds me that I'm not soo good in English as I tought :p) Love that leopard flower!! xx

    1. Emilie, you're fine, you write beautifully! It's my posting...random, chopping and changing direction and the odd typo!!! You are doing very well! Xx I can hear you saying 'tought' LOL