Thursday, 9 January 2014

Love Yourself Sick

 Mr Fascinata says to me with alarming frequency that, "I love myself sick".
Well, frankly, I do.

I am all for posing and good posture.
Checking myself out in mirrors.
Fashioning frippery.

There's no new vision board after New Year's Eve.
Just a pledge to keep doing so.
Loving myself sick.
Today, I paid myself $10, 000 just to get out of bed*.
If you are too young to understand that. You must Google* and add
Linda Evangelista.
I tippy-toed off to The Hat Box and its sartorial splendour.
It's creative genius.
For two days with Flora in-charge.
 I took 117 Selfies.

 Only self-fashioning Floras due to intellectual ownership.
 I am also outing my visage.
Prompted by a new hairdo.
That long brown horse tail is no more.
It's gone down the chute.
And, I would be lying if I said I missed it.


Stay lovely.
Thank-you dear, sweet blogging friends; you know who you are.
Looking forward to more in 2014.
And, Mimi, this table with a view has our name written on it.
Plus one seat for the little Diva.
The Room of Roses.
Somewhere else where you could love yourself sick.

Before I say, see you soon, if you are so inclined, check out Zoe Louisa's work in the Arts.
I recently met her and her mum, just briefly.
The back of her business card does not lie.
Aspire + Astonish + Astound.


  1. Great idea to luff yourself sick.
    Wish I could stay in bed for under $10k a day.
    Is that a pixie cut I see?

    1. Thank you for your support re loving ourselves! The new 'do is kind of pixie'ish. But, I am not really a pixie-like framework. Lol. Xx

  2. And blonde?
    10k a day- what about inflation???
    Love all the fabulous hats. You are very clever. x

    1. You are right about the inflation...Linda said that 20 years ago and I'm denying time passing!!! Yes, it's blonde...still shocking a few bods. Xx

  3. Haha love this post, you're funny! I think because of the inflation she will only come out for 100000 now :p Or maybe not because she is not 'really' famous anymore :p And 117 that's a lot! Can you post them? :p xxx

  4. I agree doll, love yourself sick!! It's the only way to go...and who else are you going to wait around to do so!?! You must do it yourself as it will be the best!! Love the hair cut too...gorgeous-ness doll :))) I hope you have a wonderful weekend my darling dear!! Xxx

    1. I think we both do a pretty superb job at it all, too. Thank you for visiting Daints. X

  5. Love the post.

  6. This is so beautiful, I adore all the pictures!! I love what you wrote. Looking forward to your posts for 2014.

    1. Imogen your achievements, thoughts and consideration for those around you the INSPIRATION, I loved carefully reading through your posts. Xx

    2. Thank you, lovely. You're so kind and that means so much to me x

  7. Happy New Year dear Flora and yes you should love yourself sick as you are so adorable!!!! Looking forward to 2014 and wearing one of your fabulous confections!
    lots of love
    M.A. the 2nd xx

    1. MA my Queen, I was wondering where on Earth you were??? Lovely to hear from you. If not a Flora, you still must visit The Hat Box if you need a headpiece from any of the amazing milliners. I don't know if your little Queen is too young for the music genre/romance msgs, but meeting Zoe Louisa was such a treat, she Is a talent and such a role model for those aspiration all things, too. Xx please post I love your style!!!

  8. A lovely resolution to start the new year with! :)

    Love those cute bows you added to your shoes as well - they really add to them! :)

    1. Mica thank you, Lovely! I must join your blog. I love your little pup and your figure cuts the loveliest fashions. Xx

  9. well, that's going to be my motto for 2014 flora! love myself sick! it's so important to do so. no one loves you more than God and yourself. fabulous bows on the shoes and love those head pieces.

  10. I agree Kim!! If that doesn't do it, there's nothing left! Good work. Xx