Sunday, 29 December 2013

Make up your Mind: Swan and Eggs.

It's holiday time and I've got time to wax lyrical about a swan head tap.
Admire the new bathroom.
And, stencil feathers with glitter.
 But, don't think I haven't been running around like a
navvy*  like the rest of you.
I've been responsible for all sorts of feeding frenzies.
So busy, that only before photos were taken.
These prawns were ready for quick deep fry and there's a
basil leaf hiding inside.
Get them golden brown, but do a risk assessment first.


 The House of Flora's swan's head plumbing represents something great for me.
I've have been haunted by its image of water spewing from that silvery
bill, since I don't know when.
It's now the objet d'art on the bathroom's north-east wall.
With not a towel rail to be seen near it.
Thanks to a last minute shout out from the plumber, who said, 'Nah, you don't want any towels
hanging near that'.
I have had a love affair with that long-necked avian for some two decades.
My mind was fixated.
That swan's finally mine.

 The details of the bathroom fit-out are as follows.
Any colour as long as its black or white.
Henry Ford would have agreed.
Keep it simple.
 You don't need to agonise over catalogues.
Frankly, in recent years I have noticed an alarming trend.
The inability to make up your mind.
Or, being bogged down with indecision?
Is too much choice a bad thing?
Don't over-analyse the constraints.
Stick to a plan.
You've been told.
The tree's an exception, there's a bit of colour in the movement.
 Obviously, my sister T, has sat up and taken notice this Christmas.
With a  nod to, "Some people will never get well".
She's crafted up, alongside with my niece C, these embellished
hollowed chicken eggs.
I know. Beautiful.
Pearls, seed pearls, ribbons and metallic paints.
Each takes days to make...
She gets my vote again for the best gift this Season.
I ranked Mr Fascinata's Chanel box second, just to keep
him on his toes.

Stay well-rested.
Don't forget your fruit.
 *A labourer obliged to do menial work.



  1. Omg do you have a frenchie???
    You can consider this a reader request to put more photos of him on the blog.
    The swan head is dinky too!

  2. Cilla! I was just saying to Mr Fascinata that the Frenchie (his dog) garnered me two followers on the blog a while back! This is funny. :D
    Frenchie Freddo is a very much loved pet. They are a perfect dog really (compared to my poodle who is cray-cray). Frenchies are quiet and happy just to lie around all day. Would suit the cooler Melbourne weather, but hate heat. They're also a bit needy, though, probably doesn't suit owner with long work hours. :/
    When we went to get him, I had no idea and thought they were a small pug like dog. I got a shock. Xx

  3. So much to love. The swan. The feather. The tablescape. x

  4. Adore that swan, that is marvellous!! I ope you had a gorgeous Christmas time my dear, the food looks wonderful. I had a break and enjoyed myself lots. I hope the New Year is a fantastic adventure for you dear one!! Lots of love and hugs to you Xxx

  5. Foods looks yummie! Great decor... drooling on the shrimp in the blanket... :P
    Happy new year!!!

  6. Flora! Sweetness! How can you continue to set my heart aflutter with all these pretties. Its more than a girl can stand! Will catch you when I am home after the 13th. I have a pretty for you... X

  7. You have such beautiful decor! Looks like a wonderful Christmas :)

    Away From The Blue