Sunday, 13 July 2014

Holding Court: The Hat Box

I won't lie to you.
I love holding court at The Hat Box.
Loving myself sick.
No false humility here.
And, I get to wear a lot of things that I otherwise, wouldn't.
A giant cocktail ring, anyone?
Mind you, it did get in the way of my needle and thread.
Remember this red velvet and satin rose?
It's one of Monsieur Legeron's.
Paris, no less.

It had a day out in The Hat Box.
 Here's a half-lace cap with two white camellia ears.
Who would have thought?
A Flora-one-of-a-Kind.
Available only at The Hat Box.

 A few more Floras.

 Below, a Flora on a very inexpensive model, nonetheless.
 In sad news, Flora won't be a City Hall this year for Brisbane's Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.
A Fashion Week.
Like last year, as below:

She might be in another Show, but City Hall won't be it.
I know. I am as sad as you are.
Get yourself some tickets to the Shows.
 I love this red Elizabeth R headpiece.
It's complete feather frippery, down to its green feathered leaves.
It's delicate and thoughtful.
 Don't even start me on this Hatmaker piece, as below.
A black, pure silk, bias cut rose.
Mad if you don't.
It would be versatile for Spring or Winter season.
It's also feather-light.
 Feel free to click away if you have had enough eyes.


 Although, let's be Audrey eye-wise, and follow this adage.

Stay looking.
Keep loving.



  1. Well done, you, on holding court.
    Boo about not being in city hall. Maybe somewhere more fabulous.

  2. Hello lovely!! This pink creation with the feather is divine, adore that one!! I hope your weekend was grand doll, Xxx