Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lacy Fleur and Skeleton Feather

 Here's the result of those lace petals I showed you last post.

Fashioned up with a skeleton feather.
 It's a beautifully embroidered net tulle.
 I know it's a little mute, but I have declared before today, that I do
tend to love any colour, as long as it is black.

 There's a blocked heart at its base.
All lace petals are carefully hand-sewn around a delicate wire frame.
I spend a lot of time with a needle and thread.

 In  between dog-supervisions this week, I have also started this gold lurex mesh rose, in full bloom.

 That's the cat's bowl in case you are wondering.
And, cat-crackle.
Safely out of harm's way on a little raised step.
But, not French bulldog proof.
Ongoing mischief.

 I'll do a bit more stitching and frou-frouing.

 Stay creative and out of trouble.


  1. I think you need to pitch yourself to Fortnum and Mason in London.
    I love love love that first hat.
    Love your little woofy too.
    Be good.

    1. You Girls, I need you as my marketing team. Thank you for your enthusiasm!!

  2. So beautiful. I'm with C! Amazing work.

    SSG xxx

  3. Replies
    1. HIH, it is a really beautiful fabric, from The Fabric Store at New Farm. They stock some stand out bolts. It would be dreamy in a gown!! But, alas no time for sewing... xx

  4. The first piece is so so lovely, love the heart base!! Amazing work :)) The second one is gorgeous. Always marvellous work from you doll :)) And also, your dog, always this face, so so sweet :))) Xxx