Sunday, 29 June 2014

Winter: Cat in the Hat

 I am hunkered down in the lounge room fashioning frippery if anyone has been wondering, 'where on earth I have been?'
Sorry. I know it's been an while.
I am remiss.
Winter's here in tropical Brisbane.
We are all wearing shorts and long sleeves and complaining, 'It's freezing'.
According to Mr Fascinata, I look a bit like Dr Suess' cat-in-the-hat with my striped socks.
Well, I never.

 Even the dogs have their derrieres facing against the drafty breeze.
 I have started making delicate, lacy petals out of gold embroidered mesh.
Bought from The Fabric Store in New Farm, Brisbane.
Stretched and sized.
Stitched individually on to a wire frame.

 With a generous bunch of matte gold stamens for the centre.

 Here's the work in progress.

 I am en vacances.
For two lovely weeks.
I've already had time to obsess about my eyebrows at the beautician's.
I highly recommend it.
It can wind back the years if you are so inclined.
And, get the house-muse to the poodle-parlour.
 Eat Mr Fascinata's home-made white corn tortillas and pulled pork.
 I took marks off Mr Fascinata's overall result for leaving the sour cream in the plastic container.
Don't worry.

 I will keep you in the loop and show you when it's finished.
The chalkface term ended nicely.
Thank you for asking.
In an unprecedented moment.
I turned up at the chalkface and found this bouquet outside the workers' classroom door.
A colourful thank-you.
Quite frankly, for helping to sizzle countless sausages over the last few months.
For student welfare through the National Schools Chaplaincy program.
A contentious issue at the moment that's for sure.
Stay appreciative.



  1. Your eyebrows look the business.
    Luff the frippery.

    1. Cilla, of course...I was breathing in and arching them to take that glamour shot....xx

  2. Dear Flora,
    you have always the most beautiful ideas and we love to look over in your blog, for we learn a lot of lovely things!
    We have Summer but today is raining without to stop and it feels more like Autumn!

  3. Thank you, Arno. Your photography is amazing and I love seeing the dogs running around. Xx

  4. I was missing your posts, then realised how hypocritical I was being! Enjoy the holidays Flora. x

  5. Love the lacy flowers, so pretty!! Eyebrows...gorgeous. And the little dogs, so sweet :)) Yummy food, I shall come over ;-) ha. I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

  6. That pink peony (camelia?) with the rounds of black lace are just wonderful. just had another scoot up and down your sidebar at all your different looks.

    Our dog always gets charged her top price, she says he is always the scruffiest dog she does, oh well.

    My husband always spends loads of money and time getting the ingredients at a special place but does not earn the top points for presentation. I'm a strict mistress with my points!

  7. Sumptuous as always, my