Sunday, 1 June 2014

No Surprise.

It's no surprise that most of my frippery ends up at the Races.
(And, hopefully, safely home again).
 I had a lovely time at Queensland Oaks Day, this weekend.
I was a guest at The Hat Box's table with Dale Olsson.
Here she is, as below with yours truly.
If you are inclined for a frock-up (never mind the punting), get yourself a ticket. for a Brisbane Winter
Racing Carnival Events.
Next week is Stradbroke Day.
Dress code: black, white and red.
But, here's Oak's Day first.
Remember, it's about Ladies. Feminine and Floral.
  I had a hosiery crisis at the last second, the department store's fluorescent lighting
had tricked me into thinking I had bought a pale pink with a grey flock pair of hose.
When I opened the packet, it was the Pantone colour of the year: Wild Orchid.
Purple with the said flock.
The sheer horror.
I then had to root through the drawers and pull out this pair of variegated hose.
I had nothing else.
Frankly, I felt like a Halloween skeleton.
Anyway....I guess there's nothing like, 'cutting edge'.

The Champagne was nice.

 I put myself out there and entered the Fashions on the Field, as a character building exercise.
I did it for 'women of a certain age'.

 The competition was lovely.

 Here's gorgeous R, watching with intent.
I loved her purple feathered headpiece.
It's from Wendy White.
Wendy's work is available from The Hat Box.
 Here's V's chic chignon.
Lovely plumes, too.

 Stylish number 54 won the prize.
In a stunning Peter Pilotto number.
 I didn't forget about the Races.
I bet on Boudin Blanc (fr. white sausage a.k.a delicious).
Hollywood Barbie (for Starr)
And, Longma whose number was 19.
Say no more, Chanel No 19 perfiume, and my Fashions on the Field number.
 What signs do you follow?
I'll be honest, each horse lost...

 Here's the party frippery when the sun was low in the sky.
 See you for Stradbroke Day, June 7.
Get your red, black and white ready.

Feel free to contact me for millinery frippery advice.
Can't guarantee the same for hosiery.


  1. Such a shame about the tights, but the ones you went with looked great! Glad you had lots of fun entering the fashions on the field too - I thought for sure you would have won, your outfit looks wonderful! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Hello my lovely!! Shame the tights weren't what you expected, but I think the ones you ended up in were marvellous!! You looked gorgeous. This looked like a really fun and eventful time!! Am happy you shared it!! I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear flower!! Xxx

  3. Dale Ollsen looks absolutely deevine and so do you! Loving the grey and the pink together on you.

    landsakes and lordy on the tights -"I opened the packet, it was the Pantone colour of the year: Wild Orchid.
    Purple with the said flock.
    The sheer horror." Its funny I have so many tights in my wardrobe that didn't get worn that dayfor the same reason. However I am sure you have a fab concoction that will go with the wild orchid.

    Good on you for entering the competition -that's brave and such a wonderful parade of glam chic women

  4. You made it all work Flora! That's all that matters. Everyone looked awesome.

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  6. I went to the hat section at fortnum and mason and thought of you x

  7. 'Women of a certain age'....hehehe....'character building'....laughing-laughing-laughing! You my dear, could teach those young whippersnappers a thing or two. Fabbo

    1. Mimi, you and I can both still cut the cheese. Xxx