Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sans Frippery.

 I won't lie to you.
It's been pretty quiet around these traps.
No dress-ups.
 No dog-related carry-on.
 No studio time making Flora-one-of-a-Kinds.

 Nothing to see here.
Because, I have been crunching data.
And so forth.
For report release.


  Mr Fascinata assuaged the boredom on Saturday night.
He made Tapas, no less.
Eaten under the ambient red light of the heater on the back deck.

Temperatures are dropping, keep warm.


  1. Hmmmm....that bloke's a keeper, I tell you. And while you're marking, may I please have an 'A' in Sequin Stitching, Miss? I deserve it, really I do. But not nearly as much as you deserve an 'A' in Ostentatious Adornments and Fanciful Flashiness! Must show you my circular jersey bolero...circa about the same era as your 'cunning coif'...!

    1. Mimi!!! We have to have a show and tell re your bolero! Holidays are coming up!!

  2. Keep warm doll, things are warming up here, so we've been taking advantage of it. Tapas are great, I enjoy it a lot. Your dog's face is just too sweet for words, love it!! I hope your week is grand doll Xx

    1. Kizzy Doll, I knew you would LOVE Freddy's face. Xx

  3. Am loving the look of that dinner with Al (my dad always calls eating outside Dining With Al, oh it just never gets old) Also the you can can dinner with those huge prawns. So sorry about the number crunching, that is a drag. Loving the pupstar shades.

  4. Flora, reports are the worse! Hang in there doll.

  5. Such a cute dog! :) tapas for dinner sounds lovely, hope it cheered you up after a boring time dealing with paperwork and reports!

    Away From The Blue