Sunday, 8 June 2014

Stradbroke Day

 I headed off to Stradbroke Day, loving myself sick and feeling like Dita Von Teese's Aunty.
I wore a Flora Fascinata one-a-kind PVC rose.
A Target brand lace blouse.
A Big W rose print bustier.
And, a pencil skirt sourced from a Gothic clothing style website.
Those pearls cost me $5 from Lovisa.
We were guest of these good people, as below.
 The track conditions were hot and dry.
I had to ask Mr Fascinata to keep wiping my shoes
clean with a serviette.
 The dress-code if you have been listening was:
black, white and red.
Do as you are told.
Here's Mr Fascinata's Smart Prick.
Not my work this time.
 Here's K, suitable attired.
In a Flora one-of-a-kind.
 Here's the three lovely winners of the Fashions on the Field.
That's Dale Olsson, doyenne of millinery style from The Hat Box, on your left.
I was chuffed.
 I loved this witty take below, too.
Must get myself on the judging panel.

 Lots of red, black and white.

Congratulations, Ladies. 
 When the sun was low in the sky, I headed off to see my old friends from high school.
For G's birthday.
 I've told you before about The Lane, at Palmwoods.
It's a bijoux alley way in the main street, that houses an artisan market, suitcase rummage and
a gorgeous café.
Check the 'net for details of times.
We enjoyed a three-course locally sourced meal.
Here's the entrée and starter.
 And, cake for afters.
 G is getting a business of the ground selling 'slow jewellery' made from
fair trade beads and silver and with references to the
spiritual qualities of semi-precious stones.
It's sustainable and conscience free.
I am a fan.
Here's some of jewellery in 'product placement'.
I will keep you posted.

 Sadly, I've had to take off the nose bag today and get cracking.
I am sieving through a mountain of the chalkface worker's fruits of labour.
Crunching A-B-C-D-Es.
Stay perky.


  1. Dita Von Teese's twin sister more like it ;)

    From your photo's and description The Lane, at Palmwoods has my name written all over it! :D

    1. Kimmie, The Lane really is a good example of a small community working together to put something back into Main Street precincts. They've got a FB page. It really is quite small, but lovely when there's a market on. Once a month Homegrown Restaurant opens additionally on a Saturday night. It is gorgeous food and excellent value. All locally sourced. Xx

  2. The Lane looks like my kind of place as well.

    The fashions on the field were stunning.

    SSG xxx

  3. You most definitely look like you could be Dita's Aunt or sister even, stunning!! Love this giant piece on your head, it is magical :)))) Perfect for this splendid time out!! Looked incredible too. Am happy you enjoyed Xxx

  4. Flora, you looked gorgeous! What a fabulous time! So much fun!

  5. Swisheroonie Flora! Lurve the headpiece and the divine ladies. I would have like to see more OTT in the fashions on the field but perhaps restraint is the order of the day ;-) Thanks for sharing with we mortals who admire from afar but dare not

  6. You look fabulous Flora! That headpiece is a work of art x

  7. Lovely photos, looks like you are having lots of fun. I love the hats :-) stay in touch