Thursday, 14 August 2014

It's Big, People.

We had a public holiday here.
Yesterday, for the Queensland Show.
A.k.a 'The Ekka'.
I didn't go this year.
The French Bulldogs' Best in Show judging was last Saturday, when I was at a chalkface conference.
So there was no impetus.
But don't think that did not stop me from living it up.
Making the most of it.
I spent the day tweaking this huge pink rose.
 And eating. 

  How is all that possible?

 My most ardent fans suggested that this fleur could be a brooch.
But, it's big, people.
I think even Carrie would say, 'No'.
You may beg to differ.

 Thank you for your kind thoughts anyway.

 Stay appreciative and thoughtful.
Thank you for reading my creative frippery.
I'll take this headpiece into The Hat Box tomorrow.
It will be lovely for Spring Racing.


  1. Omg that cake! What sort is it? The icing? Cream cheese?

    1. I had to make it up.......syrup and lime(???) I am not kidding. I have found the secret to a verygood cake. As well as the usual stuff....Throw in about 1/4 cup of Golden Syrup! Taste and texture was fantastic. Just lime juice, icing sugar, tiny drop of milk and BUTTER for frost.
      All gone. I will be baffled next week as to why I am 2kg heavier...
      I feel bad telling a Dietetics Doctor this.....

  2. Well the real roses and the one you made Flora look absolutely fabulous. Those seafood dishes look delicious.

    1. Thank you, Dear Kim. :D
      I am happy with how the fabric behaved as I worked with it. x

  3. The food looked amazing!! And this big pink flower piece, LOVE!!! Amazing my dear...go you :)) It's perfect. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx

    1. Thank you, dear Dainty. I love your support. X

  4. Gorgeous food, and the headpiece is so lush, I'd have to hang it as artwork, honestly Flora. I couldn't agree more on using BUTTER for icing and cakes and other stuff. When did that become so evil? If you must have cake, then it's worth making it memorable. The Diva and The Musician Husband watched some of the show dogs on their Ekka adventure. They kept the surrounding audience amused with their very naughty take on the proceedings. It's a wonder the judges didn't ban them...hehehe!

    1. Mimi, the dog parading is hilarious. Highly recommend it. Talk about dogs like their owners....
      Glad they saw some sessions. Xx

    2. 'Best in Show' is one of our all time favourite movies so they certainly got into the spirit of the proceedings ;-)

    3. Loved Best in Show and that sparkly top. No matter how big that flora is , you can't hide that top from us !

  5. That pink flower is beautiful! Such a great headpiece! It will be wonderful for the races, you're right :) Ekka day was just like every other day for us - although I was rather pleased hubby was off work to help with baby! maybe when he's older we can take him to the Ekka!

  6. What delicious food { and wine !!! } …. and, I LOVE your beautiful, pink rose. XXXX