Sunday, 24 November 2013

Craft Fair + Eco Dress

 The Craft Fair went well, thank you for asking.
It was its usual riot of colour and movement.

Two fellow creatives I know dropped by and both remarked
how much they love 'these people'.
They are a great tribe.

 A couple of young lovelies modelled floras for free.

 And, I wore my eco-dress.
As explained below:
 One piece of fabric.
About 2.7m. Folded. Seamed.
Neckline cut out, scrap saved and made into a flora.
Flora attached.
If you can't be bothered and you've chosen a knit, you
don't even have to hem the neckline; it won't fray.
Petticoat underneath. If you are so inclined.
Not a skerrick of fabric wasted.
Choose a lightweight fabric that drapes nicely.
A blend of knitted cool wool works well, too.
Let me know if you have any troubles.
 I topped it off with dyed sea-bamboo necklace.
Not that endangered red coral, as everyone calls it.
If you see it labelled like that, you might want to set them straight.
No reef pillage here, thank you.

In other pressing issues, I got the workers' paperwork to sort.
No more frippery for today, anyway.
Enjoy your afternoon.


  1. Hmmm...had a nagging feeling I was supposed to be somewhere today. Flora my dear..sorry we missed one another. The Diva and I wanted to be there, but sadly a 9pm-midnight date with the new Hunger Games movie at Gold Class last night, frazzled our brains. Your frippery and your eco

  2. Mimi! I had a bag with a flora in it with 'to Mimi from Flora!' I might have to meet you at Stafford City for coffee over the school hols! My friend saw the Hunger Games and felt the same way! She visited me at Fair and told me about it. Xx

  3. Love the colors, so delightful!

  4. Sweetness! Stafford City it is. I will have a 'Mimi to Flora' for you

  5. This looked like such a fun time!! Wonderful outfit my the flair of colours, so gorgeous!! I hope you have an amazing new week :)) Xxx

  6. Awww! Glad you had a great showing! Love your outfit and necklace. So pretty.

    1. You're very kind to visit and leave those words. X

  7. oooh it would be so inspiring to go to that fair.
    And well done on not pillaging the reef.

    1. Good Lord, had to check that I was right about the dyed sea bamboo. Thank you for noticing. :D x lovely to see Flora on your blog roll, I'm updating and Cilla''s words will be present.

  8. Replies
    1. Get on board next year. There's a lovely Mothers' Day Craft Fair, too. X

  9. Replies
    1. Dear Milex, I love to see you when you drop by. Your creativity certainly knows no bounds. You must be a brilliant hairdresser. x

  10. I'm curious about the dress. Can't quite see it in the pics….

    1. I'm going to break it down on the blog! While I've got nothing else to do and I-am-on-holidays!! Hooray! :D It's natty, it's pretty much just a caftan.