Thursday, 7 November 2013

Frankly, I am Exhausted.

 But, not too fraught that I couldn't trot off to my niece's
Graduate Exhibition.
She's done a two year Diploma and will
now move on to her degree.
Good for her.
The Show's on down the road at Red Hill.
At Ithaca TAFE.
Building 5.
You are mad if you don't get there, because
all the joy and beauty of the graduates' last two
years is For Sale!
 It's on until the 15 November.
I'm going back to have a better look.
It's quite a big exhibition.
You'll need a map and a price-list.

 My niece's sartorial sense never disappoints.
 Here's her self-portraits.
 And, a study of a mark-making glove.

Most of her oeuvre was executed via
these crazed looking medieval mark-making tools.
A.k.a as the Da Vinci devices.

 Here's a bit of her Visual Diary.

 I was as shocked as you are to read this sign as below; but I suppose as a Government organisation,
TAFE must have a policy for everything.
Good on them.
 Be considerate, people.
 Here's a glimpse of few wonderful pieces by other Graduates.
Until, I got corrected for 'taking photographs'.
Naughty, but I couldn't resist.
But all in the name of promotion,
you talented graduates.
I love your work.

 Get over and have a look, if you can.
You won't be sorry.



  1. These are wonderful...well done to your niece that is fantastic & I love her work too!! You always get told off when taking pictures, haha. I get it all the time. So annoying really. But, am glad for the ones you did get :))) Such a happy time, well done to her <3

  2. i love her portraits! that second one is absolutely divine. also, loving her outfit! i want it!!! so pretty. i love her hosiery and heels.

  3. Hello my darling! I just saw your comment, ahh I think you could pull something in the shop off indeed ;-) You would hand wash the items in luke warm soapy water & you put talc in the inside of them and stuff to help get into them with ease. Pretty cool. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my sweets Xxx

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