Saturday, 23 November 2013

Every Other Man and His Dog

I've been under the influence of pink this week.
And, the start of Christmas festiveness.
Vogue Australia gave me the green light, that big pearls
are back. Dig them out or buy new.
 I've outsourced the decorating of the tree to my niece.
Work smart, not hard. I say.

I've been finishing off frippery for the Guild's lovely Craft Fair,
tomorrow from 8am to 12 noon.
Brunswick Street, The Valley. 

Monday night included
a dinner to celebrate Tyson Stelzer's book about
the 'greatest fizz in the world'.
Champagne, thank you.
Tyson's a beautiful writer and lives locally.
He also snapped his own pictures and would write 4000+
words on his Ipad when he was lunching with
wine-makers and vineyard owners in order to research for the book.
The food was cooked by Richard Ousby,
chef from The Stokehouse.
Sorry, you're only seeing desert.

 But, you can take my word.
 I'm preparing for visitors' children.
Staying over the New Year.
I'm chuffed.
And, I bought plastic.
 Like every other man and his dog, I've styled Christmas vignettes.
 The tree's petite, but that commode gives it confidence.

 Can you believe I've still every other thing including paintings and other objet d'arts 
lying against walls, not hung back up, since the house painting last April?
No, neither can I.
I'd hate anyone to find out.
 I've finished crinkling, crafting and zhu zhuing corsages for tomorrow.
Here's the last word on corsage wearing:


  1. The decorations look wonderful...I've not even thought about decorations...I am behind as always!! The corsages are splendid, the bigger the better :))) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll Xxxx

  2. Flora, you've been busy! Your life is so fabulous. I love the different events you go to. LOL about outsourcing the tree. That's SMART! You're going to have a fabulous Christmas.