Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Apple Pie at Your Service

 Frankly, fashioning frippery gives me time to think.
Yesterday, I thought about what I heard on radio talk back.
That, the happiest people are those in service.
Sorry, no source to reference.
This got me thinking about proving this thesis.
Some years back, my favourite support staff at the chalkface,
when thanked for something, used to
always say, smiling, that she was,
 'happy to be of service.'
 Another administration worker who had retired, bumped
into me and enquired, 'Are you still in the service?'
I am happy to be.
 While fashioning this velvet camellia headpiece
I started thinking about last week's apple pie lesson
with the junior workers.
Service includes: setting up the kitchen for 22 workers, sourcing the groceries
and sorting out the clean-up aftermath.
Thankfully the Teacher Aide was in-service this day.
I only see these workers twice a week, so there's not time
to waste. A bit of Youtube how-to later and a practice making pastry
the week before saw this extravaganza creativity.


 Are you of service to anyone? In addition to family?
What do you think about this notion?
Does it make people happier?
 If you have those 'in service' working for you, how
do you manage?
 Time for a nap.
I'm grateful that I am in the service.


  1. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

    Tina from the Style Sinners
    Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
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  2. Love the camellia. I'm of service to many. Yes, it feels good and puts a smile on my face and theirs. Wonderful post.

    1. Had a feeling you might have been lovely Mimi. Thank you for your words.

  3. Thanks for following my blog Flora and for the lovely comment you left. There is something about your blog name that just makes me :D Best looking apple pies EVA!!

    1. Yes, one can't take oneself toooooo seriously when there are those solving world peace issues and eschewing all blogspots due to lack of veracity!!! Mine is credible though, in case you are wondering we DID make the pies. ;)

  4. flora, those various apple pies are killing me. how creative and nice for you to set that up! the results were amazing!!! i think it's wonderful. also loving that headpiece. it's so pretty. i need to do more service related things. i use to all the time. spending time with the elderly, volunteering at the hospital and such. it's important that we give of our time, talents and such. LOVE the puppy butt! OMG'd! HAHAHAHAHA I had two dogs and I always loved their butts. TOO CUTE!

    1. Thanks Kim! I know you've got a service mentality, it comes across in your blog personality. Seriously the dog is out for whatever he can get. He is lawless. He won't take no for an answer if he sees me on the couch and wants to get up. Not good. I do try to keep him off!!!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Those pies look yummy!

  6. Love apple pie :)) So pretty.The head piece is as stunning as I knew it would be :))) I think service is important, really we are in service every day even if we don't realize it. When you open a door for a stranger, or smile at them, or talk to someone who you may not know, but just because, we are in service. There are many ways to be in service to others, going to the nursing homes to talk to the people there, that is always a great one because so often they are just left and no visited. But, if we are always keeping our talents and kindness to ourselves and those we know, we have failed really. Because these are our gifts that have been given to us & we must share them with others. Your puppy's bum is priceless, bless!! Loved that!! Xxx

  7. What a beautiful message to give to young people, Dainty. You know I am thrilled to be in a network with you and Kim. You are an inspiration. I love those history blogs you do!!! Have a head like a sieve though, wish I could 'read and remember!!!' Xx

  8. That head piece is absolutely breathtaking. Did you wear it Melbourne cup??? Who do you think had the best head wear at the races? Apple pie is my husband's favourite. You've inspired me to make a little more effort with the pastry next time. Back to serving others...

    1. Laughed out loud re your comment 'make more effort'. As if. Remember the pies were made by fifteen y/o workers with no other chores. Mind you, was proud of their efforts! :D will think about the best headwear, will post thoughts. That piece is For Sale at The Hat Box. Not outed as yet. Xx