Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mermaid Diet + Melbourne Cup.

 I'm still working with black lace.
Click away now if you are bored.
I've wired lace around petals and made a lovely open rose.
Inspired by the camellia brooch, A gave me.
Light as a feather.
Goes with anything.

 I'm really having trouble organising Flora's Atelier.
I haven't got a clue where I put anything.
And, to get to the frippery I need;  I have to move things.
  In better news, the renovation's chugging along.
This was the bathroom before it is being moved into the old
House of Flora.
 The Dog of the Year is quite nervous.
I've got the festive wreath, hanging off a wire coat-hanger.
Ready for further embellishment.
I made this about five years ago, each time I trot it out,
I just add more bits of flora to it.
Might not be everyone's cup of tea.
It would revolt the minimalists reading.
But I like its sustainable nature.
I'll workshop it with you at a later date.

 The post-Paris health regime is going well.
Thank you for asking.
On Friday night I deviously got around the 1200 calories limit
by thinking like a mermaid and demanding Mr Fascinata
cook moules with cider, parsley, chilli and garlic.
Nothing else, just moules.
Which left room for Champagne.

 Frankly, there was a time when I didn't like them.
Those days are over.

 Are you doing anything for Australia's biggest Racing event?
The Melbourne Cup?
Let me know.


  1. Never heard of the mermaid diet, but let me know how it goes. Love the Camellia inspired fascinator. Will you be wearing it for Melbourne Cup? My Melbourne Cup will be low key. Will probably go Jean Shrimpton and not wear a hat or stockings! Love your wreath. x P.S. Thanks for your generous donation to Frocktober!!!

  2. Go stocking less, you've got good pins. Pop a little hair clip in. Do it for Jean. You are most welcome re Frocktober. Your efforts provided us a lot of entertainment!! My MC is low-key, too. Get out in your garden and start collecting sticks ready for the wreath making workshop. I know you wouldn't have anything else to do. ;O!

  3. you did an amazing job with that black lace flora! the end result is lovely. haha! your hubby can cook. i love those! i had some when I was in virginia.

    1. Good tip finding hubby who can cook. Although there's always a bit of theatre and drama. Xx

  4. Oooo....lurve the black lace. All sort of Dita Von Teese but without the pout. Alas no black lace nor pouting for me for Melbourne Cup. It'll be a soda on the couch at 2:15 and not much else. Drat that girl child of mine and her schooling and ballerina aspirations. As for the moules and champenoise my dear, oh yes please!

  5. Your little one's beautifully talented by the sound. Get moules for next weekend. If your kids don't eat them.......all the better!

  6. Love the black lace doll, that is perfect!! Magical creations :))) My hubby cooks sometimes as well, it is so nice. He even has his own recipes for things, so super!! I hope you have a gorgeous week my sweet Xxx