Thursday, 24 October 2013

Black Lace

If you've been paying attention, you'll know how much
I love working with lace.
Slumping, moulding and stitching it.
I loved the lace masks I saw in Venice.

 And made many permutations of headpieces that some of you might think
would suit Halloween, or any other frippery.
 I won't hear a bad word said.
Lovely house-models J and L, both agree.

 This week I have taken to making a series of sculpted hearts.
Not sure where they are going, but it'll be
vertical, stemming somehow from a larger heart shaped base.
 I'll have to call some engineers.

 Each one is carefully stitched around a piece of heart-shaped covered wire.

I'll keep you posted.

In other news, this pink peony lovely (below left) is off to the Melbourne Cup!
Australia's biggest horse race.
 It's found its forever home through The Hat Box.
 Still wishing I was prattling on about Paris?
Me, too.



  1. I think lace is so sexy! Beautiful designs Flora. Love your pink heart pants :D

  2. Thank you, Kim. You are such a good blog bestie! Love your drop-ins! I'll show you what the headpiece ends up looking like. x

  3. I love lace, I think it's sexy and mysterious!! Anything with lace always catches my eye :)) These look wonderful doll!! Love the lace ear creation, that is so cute :))) Have a gorgeous weekend xx