Thursday, 17 October 2013

Moving and Incoming Mail

 Apart from catching up with every other thing I got behind with
at the chalkface because of Paris frippery; I've
spent most of this week trying to sort out this madness.
I've moved.
I've packed up Coco and the crochet poodle doorstop.

 And bits and pieces.
 Works in progress.
 Sewing accessories.
 And relocated with a smart vista. North-East.
 The old atelier of Flora is a shell and ready to be converted
into a bathroom.
 I've got a shocking mess to contend with.
This weekend's focus will be just that.
 The Species Society Moth orchid is all good.
I've given its parched potting mix a bit of a trickle.
In between trying to organise myself like a Science, not an Art.
I'm trying to think on the other side of my brain.
It's not easy.
 Must keep sorting.
In breaking news, the Guild's Christmas Craft Fair is on again.
November 24, get in early.
It starts at 8.30am.
Stay ahead of your chores.


  1. Oh Flora! Whenever you move stuff, there's re-organization! I feel for you, but know you can do it. Good luck girl!

    1. I know Kim, just wish I was better at it. It's a challenge not to take over the whole house! Xx

  2. You can do it doll!! It will give you the chance to have it all the way you wish & to get rid of anything that you may not want but forgot about!! I don't always like the task of moving things, but you will get there!! Have a wonderful weekend my doll Xxx

  3. You are right. Have found all sorts of bits and pieces and relocated them. Found a courage I'd made for myself from lace vintage tulle, still intact but slipped down behind something or rather. Win! Xx

  4. Do you still have lindt bunnnies? They never survive past Easter Sunday in our household. All the best with the move. Such a big job!

    1. Dear Housewife, you will be horrified to know that they expired in 2011. I love them so much I didn't eat them! Don't get me wrong, I eat about 2kg of choc in other guises. Laughed out loud when I saw your perceptive comment! x I've tried to join your blog - is it like mine with the easy google button? I somehow got confused.