Sunday, 13 October 2013

Funk Jolt

 Sorry to leave you hanging for so long with that nonsense of
the melancholia of leaving Paris.
But, some of you will be relieved to know there won't be anymore photos
(of what Google images really does better) on this blog.
Here's a couple of Iphone Tour Eiffels just as a last gasp.

I've had my reality check.
We spent an unexpected 30 hour lay-over in Dubai
because Emirates' lovely big A380 jumbo and its passenger contents
sat on the tarmac for five hours at Charles De Gaulle and then we had to be farmed off to
hotels upon reaching Dubai.
Of course, everyone missed their connecting flights and
had to be rescheduled.
You can imagine the frippery that ensued.
In hindsight, it was an interesting experience, only limited
to the hotel and its food buffet and an air-conditioned hotel room.
So, I lost a day or two. Went straight back to the chalkface
and I am exhausted.
Is it rude to ask for a holiday?
 There's been domestic issues.
A lot of furniture has been moved around due
to timber blind action
and the gutting of one well-passed its use-by date bathroom.
Which will be recreated in the House of Flora's current atelier.
I'm relocating.
 One Saturday I popped off to Bright Learning to run a head-piece and corsage
making workshop.
I had a wonderful class of very friendly workers, who produced some
gorgeous work.
We looked at how to block lace and straw, and flower making.

 Here's two of the workers pieces in progress.
 I wore a white tulle and gold sequin corsage.
And, still had time for a 'selfie'.
 The night before I popped over to help make supper for the
judges of the Wild Orchids of the World exhibition.
Held at Mt Coot-tha's Botanical Gardens.
 I am mad for those slipper orchids.
 I bought yet another Phalaenopsis or Moth orchid.
I'll endeavour to care for it until it needs to
be surrendered to some-one who knows what they are doing.

 There's always one or two bromeliads in amongst the orchids
in the retail section.
 Golden slipper.

 The growers and the judges are an absolute pleasure to be around.
 In alarming news, the household has embarked on a strict regime that
is going to continue until around Christmas Eve.
It's Day 2 today.
It's all about fitting back into to some items in the wardrobe.
If you are seeing thick white bread on that plate.
You are right.
It won't be there tomorrow.
Say Au Revoir.
So, if you are looking for any of this, don't bother here.
See you after Day 2.


  1. LOL the 'frippery that ensued'... that is seriously my new favorite word!!! I'm sorry to hear about your long layover, you couldnt go outside and explore Dubai a little? IT is one of my favorite places! I love the images of the orchids, but I zoomed past the images of the desesrts. DON'T TEMPT ME WOMAN!!


    1. You are right you know, we should have gotten a taxi and headed somewhere, but we were so bent out of shape from sitting on the runway and then the flight we didn't! I needed your young stamina! :)

  2. Sorry about the layover doll, sounds exhausting. Am glad you had a great time on your trip and I hope all will settle down at home for you!! Loved all of these!!! Have a marvellous week!!! Xxxxx

    1. Sweet week to you, too. Just about back to normal here. Have stopped springing wide awake at 3.20am, finally.

  3. Everyone that leaves Paris feels the same way Flora. A blogger that stayed there over the summer is still talking about it. HAHAHA So Paris really puts a spell on you. I will definitely remember that. Dubai is NICE! What a great place to have a layover. Sorry for all of the mixup, but remember everything happens for a reason. Love your selfie pic. You have the prettiest hair! So thick and long! Orchids are expensive! Those are lovely.

  4. Would love to check out Dubai, some day. The peops were outstanding at the hotel. Every blogger and their dog rattles on about Paris for sure, especially from August onwards! Lol. The selfies are hard work. Thank you for the compliment. Mr Fascinata refuses to partake in them. Agree re orchid price, bit cheaper at the Show, I guess they last a while.......... Until you accidentally kill the plant. Xxx

  5. Dubai is super interesting.
    I hear your pain re ending Paris.
    You totally should take up running- now is a good time. My blog archive in April or May has a beginners guide.
    Let me know how you go.

    that's my running guide

    1. I'm checking it out! Thank you for your inspiration!

  7. I loved reading about your adventures in Paris. I'm currently trying to learn French. Sadly, I don't see any trips there in the near future. Am compensating with macarons and almond croissants.

    1. Good on you learning French! Wish I'd stuck to it! Am on strict dietary control after weeks of croissants and any other sweet thing that winked at me. I'm resurfacing for Christmas Day! I couldn't see how to join h'wife in Heels.... Must look again. I love looking at your huge 'yard'. X