Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Paris down to the last 48 Hours

 When Mr Fascinata and I first met, he was scheduled
to go on a holiday; which he shortened.
I was surprised when he came back.
He explained, 'he couldn't travel with a heavy heart'.
I'm down to my last forty-eight hours in Paris.
My heart's heavy.
But, we'll always have Paris.
 I'll miss the door knockers.
 The street-lights.
 The glamour of gild.
 Monumental monuments.
 Pretending I live here.
 And, that I own the apartment.
Monsiuer Legeron.
 And his fabric fleurs.
 Painting my nails crazy colours.
Bijoux. You name it.
Wasn't sure what those little hands were.
Can anyone tell me? Tie-pins?


Cooking in the apartment.
Fresh food from the Marche Enfants Rouges, the oldest food market in Paris, just
down the road at 39 Rue de Bretagne.

 Happy Hour or two!

Dining out: Les Deux Magots was lovely.
 S enjoyed her little bit of Paris for her birthday.
Here she is shooting.
 Here's a lovely rendition she did of the establishment back in the day.
It's sold. be quick if you want one of the new ones.
They are very nice.
Here's Les Deux Magots own house Champagne.
 We dined at 8pm. Outrageously early for Parisians, but good for us.

I don't care what anyone says; those snail tongs are useless.
Can anyone use them?
I'm sure they gave me a broken set.
 That prawn cocktail circa 1970 would have been easier.
When will I learn?
Tomorrow we are off to the Quai Branly.
Today was the Musee D'Orsay.
We got to see some of Monet's Rouen Cathedral studies.
Sunday was the Musee de l' Orangerie, just near the Tuileries Gardens,
next to Place de la Concorde.
 Roden's The Kiss is there, too. Don't try to
search it out at his own Musee Rodin.
You read it here, first.

Stay informed.


  1. ohhhh flora :( don't you wish you could just pack it all in a suitcase, bring it home with you, open it up and everything is there. so many treasures. i know you will miss it.

  2. Kim, you've made me laugh. You are gorgeous. x

  3.'ve been having a gorgeous trip...ahhh..I can envision it all. I love Paris and I can understand not wanting to leave. But, I am so pleased you went and enjoyed yourself...enjoy all the last minutes you are there doll!! It looks bliss xx

  4. What an amazing adventure! I haven't been to Paris, definitely looking forward to going there one day.