Monday, 30 September 2013

Happy Birthday, Starr Loves!

 We all love Starr!
And, today it's her Birthday, in Paree, no less!
In her own Wonderland.
We love her because of her taste in fashion.

 Her creative skills.
 Her love of voguing!
 Paris news agrees, too.
 Her obedience. She does what she is told for a good photograph.
Here's Roden's kiss, just for you.
 She's a willing house-model.
For the House of Flora's frippery.

 And an artist's lovely muse.
 And her own artist, in her own right.
 She loves poodles and won't hear a bad word said.
Hers lives a life of luxury.

 She has too many clothes, too.
 And well-loved accessories.
 She loves a tipple with Flora, and is under the spell of Chanel.
 And thankfully, is as crazy as a loon and so much fun to
be around because she can laugh.
She knows what is important and what isn't.
 She'll do a sequin for lunch.
She is not afraid.
She loves a bit of luminosity.
 Thinks she'll live in a castle, one day.
 She loves a good heart.
 A chandelier.
 Or a good carousel.
 Isn't afraid of good work-out.
Fitness is her key.
 Happy Birthday, dear Starr!
Tonight we are celebrating at Le Deux Magots!



  1. Wonderful...lots of Happy Birthday wishes to her...I hope she has a marvellous and gorgeous birthday celebration & all her wishes come true!! Xx

    1. Thank you, Dainty Dolls! I'll pass your warm wishes on!

  2. This post was so sweet! Happy Birthday Starr! You are AWESOME! I loved this Flora. Wishing you a wonderful week.

    1. You are sweet, Kim. I'll tell Starr, she'll be chuffed! I've told her about how much I like hearing from you girls. X

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    1. Marsha! I am thrilled to have you visit. I love reading your views and do fashion updates and your boutique bijoux is the best. Best wishes, Flora. Xx