Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cipriani. Prego.

Come dine with me. At Cips.

Catch a water-taxi from your hotel at dusk.
So the sky's lovely, and you'll be happy with your photographs.
Pass Peggy and her friends, at the Guggenheim.
You won't get lost.
Leave the Grand Canal behind.
Head to Cip's private launch.
And, wait for your transport.
Exclusive use.

They'll organise a full-moon, too.
No trouble. Prego.
Start on the terrace.
With a Bellini.
Saunter inside, there's no dining on the terrace mid-September
there's too much ocean mist that might distract.

 Buona notte.
Night, night.





  1. It looks splendid doll :) Love the sunset pictures, amazing over the water :)) Xxx

  2. Such fabulous-ness Flora! I'm so jealous of your awesome adventures. You are living the life! ENJOY! ENJOY MY FRIEND :D

  3. Looks an amazing trip Flora. You lucky girl xx