Monday, 30 September 2013

Floristes and Ponts

Knock, knock...Bonjour.
If you've peaked regarding Euro spending and need to have a free day out, go on
and look at bridges and florists.
Take my advice.

The loveliest.


Buy a bunch. It's the cheapest thrill you'll find.

Go for a stroll.
It's free.
Fall in love with Pont de l'Archeveche.
Sorry, the Pont des Arts.
I stand corrected.
A pedestrian bridge, none-the-less.

Soak up the opulence of Pont Alexandre III.
The glamour.
Mad if you don't stage a Vogue fashion shoot.
The weather's right.

Tomorrow is S's birthday.
I'm excited.
Au Revoir.


  1. Just so wonderful...adore Paris!!! And yes, buy some flowers, they look so marvellous and they can brighten up any day!! So perfect!! I hope S enjoys the birthday :))))) Love & hugs my sweet Xxx

  2. That florist shop is absolutely amazing. The flowers are so pretty! Love