Sunday, 22 September 2013


 I am different animal in Paris.
To be honest, at home, I get Mr Fascinata to do
the dicing and slicing but in Paris I come alive.
Acting like some sort of resident head chef.
 I've finally sliced mushrooms, added garlic and crème fraiche and
simmered, until reduced.
Boiled and roasted kipflers.
 Popped salmon on blinis.
 Sliced and warmed goats cheese, dressed rocket and toasted crouton.
 Scalloped chicken. Roasted tomatoes.
 If you are looking for culture from this blog.
Shut down now.
The action today took place in designer mecca.
Printemps and Galeries Layfayette.
 Offset near the Opera Garnier.
 About a 40 minute stroll from the apartment in the Marais.
 S is now onboard the tour.
She's knocking herself out, shooting snaps for a forth-coming Exhibition.

 If my ashes are going to be sprinkled at Cipriani, Guidecca, Venezia, Italy.
Then this is my idea of heaven.


  1. Oh that butter, I could eat bread and butter for dinner every night.

  2. So awesome! You saw some wonderful sites and WOW that dessert.