Sunday, 22 September 2013

Map Reading + Bouillabaise

 Mr Fascinata takes out the garbage in the apartment.
Have no fear, because last night I made a Flora-styled
Sans sea-urchins, though.
Here's how:
Braise fennel and onion until it dissolves.
Add roasted garlic, basil. tomato, saffron, a little cayenne pepper.
Touch of salt.
A skerrick of sugar.
Two or three cups of water.
Reduce, reduce and reduce.

 Non-oily fish.
White flesh.

 Scallops, moules and prawns go into the simmering stock.
 Add more basil, or parsley.

 Be very afraid because today, S and I are going out.
Unattended, with just a map.
And, yesterday we over-shot the street turn by about a
kilometre of extra walking.
After already walking five kilometres or so, laden down with the spoils of fashion's
Holy Grail.
We're exhausted today.
But, still pushing on.
 It's fine and mild here.
Here's our midday view.


  1. Flora - they stole my Cartier and Tiffany rings - Boodles next time, I'm drooling over their Ashoka.

  2. No!! I did read your post about robbery. Felt sad and concerned. Xx

  3. That dish you prepared looked YUMMMY-LICIOUS! Prepare me a bowl please :D

  4. This looks really yummy!! Never had it before :) Xx