Monday, 9 September 2013

Things Can Change in a Minute

I had a lovely weekend fashioning and finalising some Spring frippery.
Anticipating that today, even though I was on-leave, I would
pop into to the chalkface to finish an important deadline.
Then start packing for a Paris departure in three days' time.
I'd even had a chance to visit Galeries Layfette online and pick out a pair of
70 Euro shoes!
 Suddenly, I was rudely interrupted by Mr Fascinata while photographing frippery
my Passport had expired!
Good grief.
Looks like those spambots got it wrong, I am not the
most amazing and clever person in the world.
But, thank you, anyway.

 I had to hot-foot into the City to do the renewal.
Fraught with worry that I'd end up waiting hours for
an appointment.
When I'd left the chalkface's job 'til the eleventh hour.
 I had to recall the secrets of The Secret and use psychic will
to jettison myself to the top of the queue in the Post Office for
the new photographs.
 And the same at the Passport Office.
The Secret worked a treat and the emergency Passport is now waiting for collection.
And my request was done over the enquiries counter.
I am still amazed and very grateful.
Have you ever used The Secret and its frippery?
Cartier was friendly the other night.
They showcased the Nouvelle Vague jewellery range.
The range is based on the film movement. About rebellion and the like.
Hence the up-side-down Paris icons.
 Red, white and blue flag fleurs.
 The Surfers Paradise skyline.

 The event was 5 Star +, but frankly I was disappointed with the drinks arrangement.
The trolley looked pillaged from the outset.
 There's lots of packaging here, but don't panic, I didn't practise The
Secret on Mr Fascinata; that bag only contains a pair of sunglasses.
Very nice all the same.
What we spent on sunglasses, we saved on dinner, by buying the
last three pieces of ham and pineapple pizza in Surfers Paradise.
I might not see you until I am Paris.
So, stay happy and use The Secret.



  1. So wonderful. Am glad you got all the passport stuff sorted out ok, what a drama. And your creations look gorgeous, I do love the one with ears :))) Looks like a wonderful time was had :))) Paris ever so soon....enjoy it my darling girl...enjoy!! Xxxxxx

    1. Oh Dainty! It was awful. And, I'm like a rabbit in car headlights in my photo, because I was so stressed out. I guess there's no such thing as a good Passport photo.

  2. WOW Flora! I'm so glad you got your passport situation straightened out. That must've felt like the worst feeling. Have a great time on your trip. You deserve it. Gorgeous fascinators and Cartier is magnificent.

  3. Glad you could get a replacement passport so quickly!

    Hope you have a great time in Paris! :)

    Away From The Blue