Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lunch + Fleurs + Sketching

 If you've got musee fatigue; find a little bistro and settle in for lunch.
Draw breath for tomorrow.
Stroll down rue du Vieille du Temple, 4th District.
You can walk in a straight line for quite a while and not get lost.
All the big names are there.
Repetto's one.

 S has never met a skull she didn't like.
 Back to lunch, chevre salad and poule or canard.

 Not sure who cut the point of the cheese.
But, someone did.
Downright rude.

Mr Fascinata gave me a quick lecture about real estate.
That dream's burst.
Fleurs will have to do.
The purchase is de rigour.

Here's no 32.
Patisserie downstairs, gelato across the road.

In exciting news, S has started sketching.
Here's the local town hall.
It's not shy.
Stay creative.


  1. Wonderful wonderful...love all the flowers and cheese :))))) Xx

    1. Thank you, Dainty Darling, I love your interest. Xx

  2. I love those hydrangeas! They were my grandmother's favorite flower. So colorful. I'm loving the chandeliers in those shops. Nice!

  3. Stop making me so jealous!! So wish we were there to meet up! Sophie is on the mend and all went well. Have a macaron for me! MWA! xxx

    1. So pleased Sophie is on the mend. Bea you and I would be having a ball! In two years' time I am booking in with you! Xx