Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ets Legeron + Boudin Blanc

 Come for a walk with me.
To La Maison Legeron.
On rue des Petits Champs.
No. 20.
Just up an alley.
The last hand-made fleur atelier in Paris.
Push the button go up to level 2.
Then ring the bell.

 Mr Fascinata had to forge the way; because frankly, I was prepared to give up when I didn't
see the front window display.

 We received the loveliest attention from Monsieur Legeron.
A third-generation artisan.
 This is not the workroom. But, just a bit of frippery in the reception area.

 Didn't get to see the workroom, but still the same I was
in Wonderland. Thank you, Alice.

 There's big drawers to search through if you want to buy a fleur.
Dream a little.
 Make a purchase if you live in the Antipodeans, because Monsieur Legeron
will give you a fair deal before Lacroix, Valentino or Gucci gets their paws on the frippery.
I came away with four, thinking I had budgeted for one.
Thank you, Gorgeous.
 Here's one camellia, juxtaposed against a wall with a bit of random graffiti.
What a match.

 I've made boudin blanc for Happy Hour, place on a tapenade, on a bit of semi-stale bread (although, toasted).
Hello, there's only so much bread someone can eat.
 Stay accessorised.
Mind your waistlines.


  1. This place looks great, I love everything everywhere, it's like a playhouse, haha :) I could stay there peeking into things for hours. You got some lovely things from there, so nice. Love the colours :))Am pleased for you Xxx

    1. Just love your comments, thank you, Dolls. It was a dream. Xxx

  2. WOW Flora! The flowers are so beautiful. Glad you got something! :)

    1. Kim, it was anpmazing, I had to research on the Internet, then I had to find the atelier! It was such a relief to find Monsieur Legeron, who was just beautiful. Xxx