Friday, 27 September 2013

Birthday + Excursions

 Sadly, I have had to put a 48 hour embargo on Happy Hour.
Due to the 'hour' lasting three or fours each night.
The hour's banned 'til further notice.
Had some lovely excursions:
The Conciergerie (MA's Royal Prison), train to Rouen (Monet's and Joan's) and dinner at the Pompdiou (George's)
Walked along the Seine, just off Ile de la Citie, to see the
bouledogue Francais.
My second favourite animal.
And garden and flower stores.

 Take it from me; if you want a chien, make it a Frenchie.
These pets rarely bark and are happy just enjoying
their creature comforts. They're perfect.
This one tried to hypnotise me into taking it home.

 Couldn't help thinking of poor sweet MA spending her last night on earth here.

We've also popped out to Rouen.
Got up early and caught the train.

 Here's the first glimpse of the cathedral's spire.
Monet's muse.
Notre-Dame Cathedral.

 I couldn't help thinking about
Monet's studio space in a drapery store, sitting at
the window; obsessively paint the light on the cathedral.
Famously saying, 'even stone can change'.

 Had a trot around inside.
Saw those famous stained glasses windows.
Removed and saved in 1944 from nearby bombings.
 And, Sainte Jeanne of Arc's tomb and altar.
Burned at the stake in downtown Rouen, in the square.
After being sold to the English for 10, 000 francs.

 Caught a toy-train around the old and new parts.

And then one hour back to rue de Rivoli. 
 In breaking news; S's birthday celebrations have begun!
Here's S looking fabulous in a Marc Jacobs silk frock and
her knee-high boots.

 Starting on the Champs Elysees!
At the Publicis Drugstore!
The best seat in the house.
With the luxury of elbow room.
 Here's S and Mr Fascinata, walking up-hill.
Mr Fascinata warned us that if you were promenading; walking downhill
is the only way.

 S is a good sport and she's not too proud to pour her own Birthday Champagne.
 Here's her low-carb birthday cake.
Raspberries, strawberries and cream.
 Cartier on the Champs Elysees looked good.
But, Mr Fascinata noted the window display looked dusty.

Stay enthused!



  1. Lots of amazing places :))) I'd love to see it all, so wonderful :))) I hope the birthday celebrations were fantastic!! Now I am daydreaming of Monet's studio space, would be great to go in :))) I hope you are doing well, keep having fun. Happy weekend to you xx

  2. Rouen is gorgeous! Also, how spectacular is that cathedral. Thanks for sharing Flora. So pretty.