Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Venice Daydream

Had a great traipse around Venice yesterday.
This is the view from the room.
The Hotel Papadopoli.
As above and below.
Took a ferry down the Grand Canal.

Looked at lovely pieces of objet d'art.
And, finally wore down Mr Fascinata to house two
of these in his suitcase; porcelain hearts.
My suit- case is full, just leaving from AUS.
He'll be nervous for the rest of the trip.
Ate tramezzines for lunch.
Checked out St Marco's Square.
                                                                            Off to see Peggy's Masterpieces today at the Guggenheim.
                                                   In deference to her I'm wearing big sunglass shades and day-dreaming about her sun-                                                                  baking on the terraces of her Palazzo, with her three fluffy dogs
                                                                                   putting up with the Surrealists' and their frippery.






  1. Am glad you had a great time there doll, pictures look super!! I hope you keep enjoying yourself :))))) Loves xxx

  2. I'm glad you're having an awesome time and sharing these pics! It looks so beautiful!