Sunday, 23 November 2014

Good Old Cock

I left that raw egg sitting on my last post for far too long.
I do apologise.
This post is a bit more high-end.
 In the language of my English pen-pal Bea, and her mother's vernacular, 'Mr Fascinata is a good old cock'.
I have to concur.
For my birthday, he bought me a Cartier scarf with the Parisian rooftop motifs and that diamond encrusted leopard
bounding from a vintage biplane.
I think the leopard is on the roof of the Grand Palais.
That Cartier short film from which the artisan took the scene for my scarf design was the Youtube clip
that started my friendship with Bea.
Coincidentally, Mr Fascinata bought it.
Bea blogged it, two years ago, and I clicked on the link.
Smitten. I emailed her and since then we have told each other all-sorts.

I am often at a loss as to how wear such a silken treasure in the climate that
is tropical Queensland, but have decided the headscarf could be the instruction.

The scarf came with a lovely little book.
Full of helpful hints.
It is a smooth and noble fabric.

Have you tried most of these?
I am inspired.

In other news I have been given carte blanche to once again decorate the windows
of my favourite restaurant when they shut for the holiday season.
I will be doing six large drawings.
A couple of years ago I presented the theme of dinner plates and French bulldogs
and my theme got the kybosh.
Well, I never....
Here's one of the drawings that I had kept.
I have now worn the establishment down.
I have carte blanche to include Christmas puddings and dogs for 2014!
You may have seen this mini cinema epic, as it is old news.
But, if not have a look.
L'Odyssée de Cartier       

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Creatives Types: Starr

 If you think I swan around 24/7 @ social functions - well, you
would be wrong. I have still been fully-ensconced at the chalkface.
Kitchen-skilling, among other things.
But, I did get to Starr's lovely Show.
It was basically what you call a 'sell-out'.
 Starr made a lovely speech.  
She thanked us all for 'allowing her to paint for another year'.
What a wonderful way to show gratitude.
I liked that. Frankly, I had never really thought of in that context.

 She's now pretty much a stalwart in the industry and if you put
your money where your heart was a number of years back and bought a painting, you
no doubt would have now quadrupled your dosh.
Bit more reliable than the Melbourne Cup.
 The Eiffel tower gets a work-out at most Shows and I am not sorry to see it.
 Starr dressed in what I could only call the ultimate frock for her.
The three Rs: ruffles, ruching, roses, technicolour beading, mullet-hemline and paint-splattered look satin.
 Here's a little preview of the 60 works.
It's fair enough to say she has been busy.

 She gave us all firm instructions to take a 'selfie' in front of her Alice in Wonderland inspired painting.
I did so, just before the rabbit-hole got me.

What are you looking forward to?
Any artistic endeavours

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Almost A List.

It's fair to say that I have had some A list invitations of late.
 I've been away from the blog viewing Future Beauty:
30 Years of Japanese Fashion.
Frocks from the Kyoto Costume Institute.
Taking its turn at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.
It is as incredible as you would imagine.
If you have ever wrestled with a Vogue Issey Miyake sewing pattern in the 1990s,
you will know exactly what I mean.
I went on invitation from one of 50 of Queensland's Most Stylish people, lovely D from The Hat Box.
She wore a fabulous black feather sculptural headpiece from Hatmaker.
A.k.a Johnathon Ward.
I've also got this Show to look forward to:
 Starr's Wanderlust.
 If you have been paying attention, you will remember Starr taking some photographic inspiration
around the House of Flora.


Here's the painterly result:

I trotted out in Akira Isogawa to Future Beauty.
It's a challenging thing to wear.
But not as vexed as the number the Audi promotion girls had to wear in
that past photo.
I frankly paid a small fortune for a piece of embellished tulle.
And, I am not sorry. 
 The ubiquitous Harajuki girls were there to greet.

There was not a thing I wouldn't wear myself.


 Akira Isogawa has one lovely piece in the Show.
He also designed the huge chrysanthemum inspired feature wall.

 I've got my frock hanging up for Starr's Show this weekend.
I am sorted with an old H&M Lanvin number that
(miraculously) was available in my size at a H&M in Paris,
when I was en vancances a few years back.

 Stay B+++, or even A if you can get it.
And, get a long to Future Beauty.