Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fiscal Sense: Ubermodel

 I must save myself at least $10,000 per day by doing my own modelling work.
I am now one of Flora's 'house models'.
A very late bloomer.
Not to mention not having hired help to tidy the House of Flora.
That's a saving, too.
Makes good fiscal sense.
 I mean, on some days, you wouldn't know where to start.

 I am still besotted by this little straw disc cocktail hat and feathered pom-poms.
I know.
It's as light as air.

 Have I won you over?
$90 AUD and I will spring for postage.
Make an enquiry if you would like the pom-poms in another colour.
I will see what I can do.
In less exciting news I have had to eschew cakes and their baking, taking up more walking.
 It's been as hot as Hades and I seem to the only person the slightest
bit concerned about sun-safety.
Whatever you do; wear sunscreen.
Do you care?
Stay lovely.


  1. Don't get me started on fiscal sense. I'm on about it all day every day to the Musician Husband and the Diva Child. I concur on being ones own cleaning lady too...one does a much better job when one has a vested interest. As for being house model, well you surpass all expectations there Flora my dear! Kisses to you.

    1. Well, thank you, Dear Mimi.
      Heavily faded photoshopping can work wonders. I was relieved to read your comment wasn't a troll telling me 'I was too old'. LOL.
      Is the Musician a spendthrift? Those artistic types can be. I mean, I have seen the Lanvin ballerines!!! Xxx

  2. I think you make the best house model :))) This creation is gorgeous, well, your creations always are any ways :)) I hope your week is going wonderfully my dear Xxx

    1. Thank you Kizzy! It is hard work being so fabulous! *wink* xx

  3. Omg your eyes!big and beautiful xx cilla

    1. Yes, those eyes run in the family. The down-side is they get irritated at the 'drop of a hat'! And, I have a bad pyterigium growing on one that needs to be cut off and then skin grafted!!! I am terrified after the nerve damage I have from the botched wisdom tooth removal...
      The wonders of photo editing apply here. Smoke and mirrors. Xx

  4. You make a wonderful model! That's such a fun piece too! Perfect for the races, you could change those spikey little pom-poms to match the dress! :) No race-going for me this year though, shame!

    And I pulled a face when I read your sunscreen remark - YES! I am currently still peeling after making the terrible mistake one morning of forgetting sunscreen...it's not pretty! Slip slop slap!

    Away From The Blue