Sunday, 12 October 2014

Les Tramezzine

 In Venice, a sandwich is not a sandwich unless it is a tramezzine.
Have you tried one?
Don't try to buy one in Rome.
It's Venice's thing, so Mr Fascinata says.
 We had a lovely lunch today.
I went back to Venice; in my mind's eye.
And made tramezzines.
In my dream I was making them in a café just off Piazza San Marco.
I was wearing a black apron with heavy eye-liner and my hair in a loose bun.
I make the best tramezzines in the world. 
There's a fair bit of frippery involved.
A rolling pin, and all fillings must be finely diced and chopped.
Lest the thing won't seal.
The rolling pin flattens the bread after you remove the crusts.
Place the fillings piled in the centre of soft white bread. Seal edges.
 You then have a dilemma if you hate throwing food away:
Should I eat the crusts?
Freeze them, and then throw them away in January?
Here's the end result.
The process was too messy for photographs.
Smoked salmon and gherkins.
Egg and Kraft salad cream.
Tomato slices.
Send someone out to get a bottle of Prosecco.
My workshop at Bright Learning went nicely.
Thank you for asking.
I had a wonderful group.
Including Mimi from A Tray of Bliss blogspot who came along!
I would be remiss to say that I wasn't chuffed.

Participants were very talented and made some lovely pieces.

Have a nice start to the week.
Keep dreaming.


  1. I know what you mean, I'm Italian, and I'm so in love with tramezzini and the cooking in general!
    Twt/IG @marikaodoardi

  2. Looks gorgeous and super yummy. Love the picture of Venice with the sun behind the buildings, beautiful. Love all the creations too my dear, always so marvellous :))) xx

  3. LOVELY flowers!!! great work!!!
    Have a nice day!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥