Sunday, 4 January 2015

Farmville: in Real Time

That's a shot of our real-life rosemary and chilli.
I know.
 For the last few months instead of asking virtual friends for silk thread, fairy floss, a donkey
or three bags of yam for our farm; there's been real-life farming and I want to share the
farming recipe with you.
 In between my fashioning of frippery, Mr Fascinata has been quite busy.

First, you will need to limit your garden of any plant that 'doesn't serve any purpose' as my farmer friends would attest.
Or, at least in our climate are water-savvy.
Leave a few bromeliads if you must; they are quite pretty.

Clear the beds for the things that matter.
Place newspaper down and top dress with a few bags of soil and mulch.
If you know anyone with bamboo, get over and rake their yard and take the leaves that
contain a natural herbicide.
In no time you will have this:

 Start with seeds (it's the cheapest way), but so you know where they are and what they are doing
plant them in large containers, a foam box or even waxed cardboard with drainage holes.
Water gently.
Twice a day seems best for our time of year in the sub-tropics.
Coax up the seedlings.

 We committed to bamboo a few years ago now and it has proved a water-tolerant
and shady screen. It also supplies free mulch.
But, do remember that it is fast-growing and difficult to remove if you have to change your mind.
It also needs regular pruning so it doesn't get out of control.
Be careful the seed boxes don't get too hot or too dry.
You should move around the boxes when you need to.
Keep your wits about yourself.
Don't go on holidays and forget about them.

 When you transplant when they look strong enough don't try to
separate the plants, planting little clumps is fine.
Sometimes you can do damage if you try to pull the seedlings apart.
A wooden stake is also good to support the tomato plants.
They seem to grow much better.
You can also use a fertiliser if you wish.

So far, I will admit we have copious chillies and only seedlings of coriander, basil and thyme.
Rosemary's growing well, as with the chives and parsley.
I will keep you updated.
The chillies are also as hot as hades, so half a chilli flavours a dish for a family of eight.
And, we do like spicy food.
This is pesto, chilli and penne pasta.

In other New Year news we have said, 'goodbye' to this:
 And this:
I am as sad as you are.
At least these don't have any calories. 
What are you up to?
Any little projects?
Are you farming, real-life or other?


  1. Just saying to my fella that when we get back from nz we need to clean things up eating wise...

    1. You've got the land now, too! Build a garden and get growing. Hope you enjoyed NZ - such a beautiful place. Holidays are brilliant reasons to eat and drink lots!! Xx

  2. Dear Flora,
    it looks delicious what you prapared to eat, And so much work in the garden! You are very productive, in every direction! Very well done, my dear friend!
    Lots of love from Europe

  3. Yes, me too Flora Fascinata....sans fromage and champers from now on....but more soda stream and bitters, veges and walking in 2015. Please let Mr Fascinata know that my basket of freshness is doing splendidly....the chillies are now bright vermillion so they're clearly matching their 'hot as hades' reputation. Haven't sampled them yet but will include them in a light Summer soup this week per Skye Gyngell. And must give you the recipe too...a fair swap for the Mushroom Soup details.


    P.S. Looovve the black bamboo!!

  4. Happy New Year doll, I hope it will be bliss for you!! This looks perfect...I wish I had your weather at the moment as I am cold, haha :) Looks perfect :)) I hope you have a blissful week :) Xxx

  5. Happy New Year for you!!!! nice post!!! great work!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Oh it must be so nice being able to add stuff you've grown to your meals! Well done for growing so much too! I'm terrible with plants, absolutely terrible. I've killed cacti before....haha. Doesn't stop me admiring the 'green thumbs' of others though :)

    Away From The Blue