Saturday, 10 January 2015

Frida's Frippery

 I have been given an edict.
The tree must come down today.
 I know one person who leaves her Christmas tree up all year.
So there.
Saves a bit of work, but I don't know if I could trust myself not
to eat fruit mince tarts and chocolates all year either.
That tree is definitely a trigger for all sorts.
I will be wrestling mine down today.
I promise.
Meanwhile, in retrospective frippery I want to tell you about
a couple of Frida inspired headpieces.
 Late last year I had the fun of making a couple of Frida Kahlo inspired headpieces
for A, who was going to luncheon.
I worked with two fabric characteristics, one including using the bias (or stretch) of the woven grain.
That is the lovely rolled edge and ease you get when you cut fabric on the 45 degree angle.
 The curves are lovely.

 I arranged the fleurs in a little bunch and added turquoise leaves.

 The second headpiece used heat to curl and twist cut fabric petals.

What are you up to?
How are you skirting around your chores?
Any tips?



  1. I Love Frida Kahlo. I saw an exhibition of hers in London, then in Mexico city there is a Frida Kahlo museum.
    And I love your fleurs too.
    Happy new year to you my lovely x

    1. Cilla, would love to go to her house in Mexico City!!! Doesn't her story break your heart??? Whenever I show any clips about her at the chalkface and there's stuff about Diego and her accident, the workers look devastated. :( ... Xx Happy New Year to you!

  2. Oh these are fabulous darling....I adore them. So rich and lush....beautiful. Yes I like Frida's colourful emotive.

    I recall that in 2010 I saw a Frida Kahlo Exhibition in Dublin of all places!!!! It was fantastic but extrememly 'full on' as they say.

    Then just across the gallery from Frida's exhibition were the Jazz ink drawings by Matisse!!!!!!!!!! From slow breathing! What an experience it was dear Flora.

    I'm going to have to place an order you know!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. Did you manage to put the tree away?

    1. The tree is still up.....
      At least I have pulled put the decorations' box.

  3. Dear Flora,
    you have alway so nice ideas! We love your works!

    1. Thank you, Arno. I love seeing your picturesque postings! Xx

  4. tree is still up....lurve the little rosettes....x

  5. I love the second Frida piece, well both are stunning, but I particularly love the second one!! Oh why not leave a tree up all year, it's pretty :) I love the lights and when you take everything down, it seems a bit empty. I hope you have a marvellous week my dear :) Xxx

    1. We are all birds of a feather aren't we??? We all suffer from post-Christmas let-down!!! I think we enjoy ourselves toooo much. :D x

  6. Beautiful headpieces! The first one with the pink and blue is my favourite though! :)

    We were late with putting the Christmas tree it stayed up a little longer than usual too haha. The house always seems so bare after it's taken down!

    1. Great equation - if it goes up later....pull it down much later. ;D xx
      It will be lovely next Christmas when you little one starts to get more excited. Xx

  7. Dear Flora
    So lovely to hear from you and I love your Frida headpieces! My favourite is definitely the pink and blue! I had to laugh about taking your Christmas Tree down.... I am the same as I get so sad as I love Christmas! I could sit in there singing Christmas carols and drinking eggnog all year long!!!! best wishes always xxxx Fran

    1. MA, your tree is beyond beautiful, by the way! Thank you for dropping by. xx

  8. Love your Frida inspired work. Always sad to take down the Christmas tree. Am consoling my with hot cross buns and Malteser Easter bunnies