Saturday, 4 April 2015

Creative Spaces: Colour and Movement

Things have been pretty busy here.
I've had all sorts of frippery breaking out at the chalkface.
Seven classes of assessment and report entries to do, and new work to inspire
others with right at the end of the term.
Lucky I know to Find Joy in the Ordinary.
But, for a bit of respite.
 As a nod to Yves Saint Laurent and his creativity I donned a turban and
my old black satin tasselled heels and trotted off to see the namesake film.
Saint Laurent.
I can't tell you I really enjoyed it.
It was about a dark and stormy period of his life.
About ten years of drug addled angst and disturbances.
Arguments between shareholders.
Not enough frocks in my opinion.
Only a scant look at some shoulder pads and head-wraps.
And, I didn't win the best dressed award.

 At least the Prosecco was refreshing.
 The following night I invited myself to Starr's abode.
You've been there before.
I hadn't been in quite a while.
Starr is a brilliant one-woman show.
Responsible for all and everything in her working life.
A micro-manager. I approve.
No-one writes her pay-check every week and no-one gives her a 'to-do' list either.
She manages it all beautifully.
She came to the chalkface once and talked about this on International Women's' Day.
I said she was a role model and she had to do it.
I loved what she said.
Starr and I met many years ago when she dropped by
my workplace and she began working as a volunteer.
We were really chalk and cheese.
She remained commited. We paid her a packet of Tim-Tams for her volunteerism.
One packet per day, once a week.

I knew I'd made a friend for life.
Even with our ups and downs.

Here's the studio floor, below.
And a close-up of Vegas, as above,

I love these stencilled hearts.
I've got one.

There's always little vignettes around the place.
Starr always says, 'she learnt it from me'.

The Eiffel Tower is gloriously illuminated.

This deirreire doesn't belong to yours truly, but the
sofa and red cushion does!

Starr washes her paint-brushes beautifully.
She knows them bristle by bristle.

Her little black poodle Hollywood always does a long hello and goodbye.

There's beauty in the ordinary even in Starr's kitchen.


Everything has its place.

Starr always arranges a good platter.

And gets out the good glassware.

I'll be back soon, Starr.
Do you have any chalk and cheese friends that you have gone the
distance with? What's your best 'how did you meet a friend' story?
Tell me.


  1. Great pedicure.
    Would love to have an artiste friend.
    I have a friend who I've known since I was 4. We are chalk and cheese but never miss a beat x

    1. I don't have any friends for that length of time, Cilla. That is pretty special! I must confess to sneakily putting my hooves in because that pedicure astonished me!!! It was a bit 'spensive at $70 but has lasted one month so far!!! Hope I don't get addicted. Xxx

  2. I really love the Black shoes & shiny YSL clutch.
    Beauty in details,

    Lots of love

  3. Stunning shoes and pedi!! Shame the movie didn't have more frocks in it. Love the art works :))) I hope you have a marvellous week my dear Xxx

  4. Flora, many of my friends are the person I would have liked to be had my life taken a different path. I have friends who are the spiritual me, the academic me, the creative me, and the me that would have been Earth Mother. Alas, I am just me, and at my age, that me is the me I am stuck with. Mind you, some people like that 'me', so I cannot complain. The Eiffel Tower painting is dreamy! Mimi xxx

  5. I love those shoes! I didn't care for my best friend for the first few years I knew her (at age 7). I was convinced she was taking my twin away from me. 25 years later… I would have married her if she was a man.