Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Must Love Dogs. And Cooking

I'll be honest with you; there were two deal-breakers
between Mr Fascinata and me when we first met.
 Cooking and dogs.
Both had to be in the affirmative.
I have kept up my end of the deal.
And he, his.
He has bought me many beautiful cookbooks.
The Artist's Lunch is about how art and cooking is a happy marriage.
Haven't road tested it, but I should.
However, it is nothing for me to be one minute slumped on the couch, half asleep.
Then in another sixty seconds pounding a lump of dough on the bench.

Here's Rachel Khoo's brioche, sausage and onion recipe.
French Hot Dogs.
If you've got room to spare around your middle or not, try it.
It's comforting.
I don't muck around.
If I am caramelising onions I might as well do a whole bag.
But I do have a mandolin.
I can't stand the frippery of chopping and dicing.
You do have to simmer the snags first.
Bit graphic I know.
Then caramelise.

Throw the spices in.

Let the sausages cool.
You've got to knead about a kilogram of butter through the brioche.
So don't leave it 'til the last minute.
You also have to have time for it to rise.
The whole thing can be quite vexing for those who are impatient.
Wrap the dogs up in pastry.

Let those buttery buns proof again.
Serve the Hot Dogs with onion jam and mustard.
And tomato sauce, if you are inclined.

By the way who is reading AUS L'Officiel?
Where is the June edition?
In pressing news it is very late at my news-stand and no-one seems to know why.
Stay true to whatever you have promised others.


  1. Ohhhh I would love a flip through the pages of your cook books. Those puppy dog eyes melt my heart!


    1. Kimmie, check out Manger - Mimi Thorrison's blog - if you don't already!!! You will LOVE it! Thank you for dropping by xx

  2. oh wow I love Rachel Khoo, and I love the look of those sausages in brioche.
    Great stuff.

    1. Cil, Rachel Khoo is a delight isn't she??? I love looking at her!
      Those snags in cooked buns were pretty good.
      Try it when you have chewed over your thesis! Xx

  3. I'm feeling hungry now, this looks so good!! Tasty tasty!! So sweet you and your husband :))) Happy weekend my dear <3

  4. I have all of those books too, bar The Artists Lunch. Must looky-see. Nice buns Flora ;-)

  5. Mimi!!!! I will bring The Artists Lunch when we do coffee!!! Xx

  6. Am not sure I have the patience for making the brioche. But if someone made it for me, I'd be there!!!