Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Cousin's Arrival:The Dress and Politics

I have been reading Dale Carnegie.
 Written in 1954.
It is still sage.
 I am eagerly awaiting my cousin's imminent arrival back from living in America.
Her daughter is my God-daughter.
And I long to see them both.
My God-daughter said one of the most important things I have ever had said to me.
On my Engagement the three of us were looking for frocks.
The dress for my Engagement soiree.
Of  course, I thought I might buy 'one a size smaller'.
To whittle down into.
My God-daughter's reply was succinct.
"Just buy a dress that fits".
I have since applied this advice to many things and it works.
Dale Carnegie agrees.
Megan Hess would agree.
Have you bought her little book of fashion plates?
It is lovely.
Megan Hess gets fully endorsed here because recently
in one of her interviews she thanked her Art teacher.
Who is actually my old chalkface colleague from a time ago.
How lovely for her.

 Quickly flick through the pages.
 I hope Megan doesn't mind me doing a bit of PR for her.
But I couldn't resist a quick book review.
 If you have $29 AUS to spare or a gift to buy, get a copy.

 Sorry, should have put the contents first.

Meanwhile, I need to follow Carnegie's Rule 1 for the next two months or so.
Plenty of action.
I am under the pump with all sorts of work to do at the chalkface and
there's plenty of Flora Fascinatas that are looking forlornly at me.
I miss them.
I have had to endorse some sort of Lenten fasting.
Hair vest wearing.
Things have to change around these traps for a while.
 I am tightening the time-management belt starting with eradicating daily macarons.
Sparkling at soirees.

 Cake-making with alarming regularity.
 Sunday lunches.
 Et al.
 Desserts every night.
 I am not even going to look at you Marche du Macaron.
I am serious.
Just before I go.
And in no order of importance.
Have you been to any rallies raising awareness of the effects of forced closures
of Aboriginal communities?
Go. I have.
You will hear music and see dancing.
Hear people and highly respected Elders talking about First Nation culture.
There's dignity and grace.
 There's been two rallies in my city outside City Hall.
Here's City Hall with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags sailing for
a celebration week last year. NAIDOC Week.
I felt ashamed and annoyed at the Council that the flags were not out for the rally.
 At another rally I noticed a regional council had given shade tents with council logos to groups.
I will be contacting Brisbane City Council this week to ask why they won't put the flags out
for these key events that shape our democracy. The Federal Government have a "Recognise" Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islanders in Australia's Constitution campaign so surely this is a sincere approach to
recognising means to Reconciliation.
I will assist in the celebration at NAIDOC Week 2015 at my chalkface, let me know
if you would like some ideas for yours.
Keep your belt tight.


  1. Flora, I remember reading Dale Carnegie when I was in my early 20's. His books impact on me still. I love a positive attitude and a happy outlook, and whilst I understand that many have their challenges, I've always thought that being sad sometimes or feeling overwhelmed occasionally or having a bit of a cry when things go wrong, is normal behaviour. Not something that requires treatment. Alas I seem alone in my opinions. I must be getting! More Dale Carnegie and less medication I say. Your GodDaughter is a wise young lady. Buy something that fits. Indeed. Megan's book looks like a must-have! I understand you missing your frippery, but I have to say I'm elbow deep in a dozen or so tribal headpieces for dancers, and I won't miss them at all when they're done ;-) Mimi xxx

  2. These books look great. And have fun with your cousin, that sounds marvellous. I hope the rallies prove fruitful, this thing trying to happen, mustn't!! I don't understand how people would think it a good idea. They certainly have my support!! I hope you have a great week :) Xx

  3. Mel
    I am curious about the the rallies against forced removal of Aborigines from their communities. What is this bullshit?
    I don't have a tv (and I refuse to read the trash that is the West Australian newspaper!) so I'm a bit out of the loop of most of the crap that happens in our society.
    I get a lot of my news online and so I don't always see ALL the important stuff. Do you have a link you could send me, so that I could learn more?

    And Dale Carnegie! How much of a visionary was he? I read his book "How to win friends and influence people" over and over. It was so applicable to teaching as well as general relationships. No wonder his books are still in print!

    Have a fantastic time with your cousin and god-daughter - so awesome. And "The Dress" looks like a wonderful distraction from your enforced fasting situation :(

    Love your work.

  4. I love looking at fashion illustrations. So glam.
    I used to buy stuff that was too small in the hope that I would diet to fit into it.
    Bad for the wallet and the self- esteem.
    Stay fab xx

  5. I didn't even know about those rallies, I would have attended for sure! I'll need to keep an ear out. My friend in Sydney is always very vocal about her support and shares a lot about all of the Sydney events.

    That book by Megan Hess looks beautiful - she is a very talented artist! :)

    Hope you are well, despite the business!

    Away From The Blue