Monday, 28 September 2015


En route to a medieval city we caught the Thalys to Bruges.
Via a quick change at Antwerp Station traveling to Northern Belgium or Flanders.
 The Antwerp station clock tower was nothing short of spectacular.
It held me slack-jawed for twenty minutes or so while Mr Fascinata
actioned our train tickets.
 The Hotel DeTuilerieen, Bruges is the next home away from home.
I approved the décor.
 The hotel is described as 'elegant' and 'patrician'.
The original house built in the 15th century, belonging to a group of ruling class families.
Good thing, they liked dogs.
Here's its lovely topiary prisms.

 And its cheery yellow façade.
 Interiors were painted with a blaze of red paint. The specific red that gallery walls
were painted before the 20th century.
 Then there's the exposed beams.

 If you like to get a head start on Christmas then you will love Bruges.
I think they leave these decorations out all year 'round.
 If you like your fairy-tales a bit Brothers Grimm book your ticket now.
Bruges is your go-to.
Here's part of the main square and its Gothic glory.
The Provincial Court in Markt Square.
Once where governments met.
 You can visit the markets and buy all sorts of hand-made things.
Mr Fascinata purchased two hand-woven linen scarves.
Janis Rozentals weaves the pieces for six months of the year in Riga, Latvia.
Hunkered down during winter.
The rest of the time, he and his lovely wife sell the work.
If are so inclined you can order from
Here's the loom. 
 You can buy a waffle in any permutation.
Try wheat sheaves.
 Here's the fairy-tale you have been looking for
and Bruges' Golden Inlet or canal. 
               The historic centre of Bruges has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000.
                                                      Here's the Belfry of Bruges.
                          All this sight-seeing and a girl can work up quite an appetite.
 I am going to miss these hotel breakfasts.
                                                          See you in Paris, dear People.



  1. I want to go. Now. You've sold me on Bruges. You look lovely dear Flora. Quite the cosmopolitan traveller. Love, Mimi xxx