Sunday, 6 September 2015

Studio Time

 I am enjoying the change in work life balance.
Spending time with the Dog of the Year.
Watching my every move just in case a macaron drops out of my pocket.
 I have turned this lovely feather tree in to a Flora one-of-a-kind.
 As light as a feather to wear, and a gorgeous head-wear statement.

 I have been eating Marche du Macaron's macarons with gay abandon.

 At least they are fuelling my productivity.
I have been busy.
 These pretty pieces are in at The Hat Box in the Brisbane Arcade.
Waiting for good homes.

 I have become acutely interested in dyeing feathers.
Don't worry those dye filled cups are out of commission and Mr Fascinata only
uses a large mug for his tea and you won't see it pop up here.
Have some decorum.

 I will let you know where it all goes.
 I've had a nice mention in Brisbane Arcade's latest retail promotion mini-magazine.
A timely promotion with the Brisbane Arcade designers group show for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.
One yellow, one blue Flora photographed atop two sweet faces.
As below.
Thank you.
Stay fuelled and working hard.


  1. Looks good to me Flora. Congrats on the mention a la Mercedes...impressive! Love, Mimi xxx

  2. I have put my foot down and said no regarding some work things. It was stressful but it'll be good. I hope to find some creative outlets

  3. Ahhh...your one of a kind feather piece is just splendid, I do love that!! And bless your dog, I would wait for these sweet treats too :) Congrats on the mention, that is fantastic :))) Xxx

  4. Mel - they're beautiful.
    Just like their Creator.

    Thinking of you all the time as I make a mess on my own table.
    Little bit jealous of those macarons. I no longer eat sugar and they just look like little colourful circles of heaven. Yum!

    Keep Creating.